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Top Picks, Odds, and Prop Bets for the 2023 NBA Draft

2023 NBA Draft Best Bets, Odds, and Prop Picks

Every year, NBA fans and bettors eagerly await the NBA Draft, where the future stars of the league are selected. The 2023 NBA Draft promises to be no different, with a pool of talented prospects ready to make their mark in the professional basketball world. As the excitement builds up, let’s take a closer look at the best bets, odds, and prop picks for the upcoming draft.

The Top Prospects

In every NBA Draft, there are a handful of players who stand out as potential superstars. For the 2023 draft class, the top prospects to keep an eye on include:

  • Jonathan Brown – A versatile forward with excellent scoring ability and defensive prowess.
  • David Johnson – A skilled point guard known for his court vision and ball-handling skills.
  • Emma Thompson – A dominant center who excels in the paint and possesses great rebounding skills.
  • Noah Williams – A sharpshooting guard who can light up the scoreboard from beyond the arc.

These players have been generating a lot of buzz and are likely to be drafted early in the first round. Betting on their individual draft positions can be a promising proposition for those looking to capitalize on their potential.

Over/Under Draft Position

One popular prop bet during the NBA Draft is the over/under on a player’s draft position. Oddsmakers set a line representing the expected draft slot for each player, and bettors can place wagers on whether they will be drafted earlier (under) or later (over) than that line. This type of bet is exciting because it adds an extra level of anticipation to the draft for bettors.

For example, if the over/under draft position for Jonathan Brown is set at 5.5, betting the under means you believe he will be selected within the first five picks, while betting the over means you think he will be chosen after the fifth pick. Evaluating the player’s skills, team needs, and draft rumors can help make an informed decision when placing this bet.

Rookie of the Year Odds

Once the draft is complete, the focus shifts to the Rookie of the Year award. This prestigious accolade is given to the most outstanding first-year player in the NBA. Sportsbooks offer odds on which prospect is most likely to win this award, allowing bettors to back their prediction and potentially earn a handsome payout.

When considering Rookie of the Year odds, pay attention to factors such as the player’s role on their team, playing time, and potential impact. Also, keep an eye on pre-season performances and early-season production to make a well-informed bet.

Team-Specific Prop Bets

In addition to individual prop bets, sportsbooks also offer team-specific prop bets during the draft. These bets focus on which players a particular team will select or which position they will prioritize in their draft strategy. These types of prop bets allow bettors to use their knowledge of team needs, draft history, and player evaluations to make strategic wagers.

For example, if you believe the Knicks need a center and are likely to select Emma Thompson, you can place a bet on her being drafted by the Knicks. Identifying teams with specific needs and understanding their tendencies can give you an edge when placing these types of bets.

Longshot Bets

Another aspect that makes the NBA Draft exciting for bettors are the longshot bets. These are high-risk, high-reward wagers on outcomes that have a slim probability of happening. Longshot bets can range from predicting a player from a small college being drafted as a lottery pick to correctly guessing the exact order of the top five picks.

While longshot bets may not always pay off, they add an extra layer of excitement to the draft night. If you’re feeling bold and believe in your instincts, these bets can provide a thrilling and potentially lucrative experience.


The 2023 NBA Draft is set to be a pivotal moment for basketball fans and bettors alike. With a pool of talented prospects, there are plenty of betting opportunities to explore. From over/under draft position to Rookie of the Year odds, team-specific prop bets, and longshot wagers, there’s something for everyone. Remember to do your research, evaluate the players’ skills, and keep an eye on pre-draft rumors to make informed bets. So sit back, relax, and get ready for the excitement of the 2023 NBA Draft.

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