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Super Bowl Prop Bets For Rihanna’s Halftime Show Performance

Rihanna in front of a logo for Super Bowl LVII Arizona
super bowl prop bets for rihanna's halftime show performance

The Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show will be performed by Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Rihanna. This information has been known for months, but for some reason it has taken until now for Super Bowl Halftime Show prop bets to be published on legit online NFL sports betting sites.

Nonetheless, betting sites have made up for lost time by producing props that ask a series of questions about the halftime show, but also allow players to submit their own requests for placing a bet on Rihanna odds.

First up is Bovada. Here’s what they posted for the Super Bowl 57 halftime show.

The color of Rihanna’s first outfit

  • Black +125
  • Gold +500
  • Silver/Gray +600
  • White +600
  • Green +650
  • Purple/Pink +800
  • Red +800
  • Yellow +800
  • Brown +1000
  • Blue +1200
  • Orange +1800

The above Super Bowl wardrobe color prop bet refers to the color that is represented most often from top to bottom. A final judgment will be made by

Rihanna’s hair color

  • Brown/Black -600
  • Blonde +500
  • Bright Red +500

The Super Bowl odds suggest Rihanna has a hairstyle that’s either black, brown, or a combination of both. If she walks out with blonde or bright red hair, 5-to-1 wins can be made by betting on the prospect.

Super Bowl Halftime Show odds for the first song

  • Don’t stop the music +300
  • Diamonds +500
  • What is my name +500
  • Stay +600
  • Umbrella +600
  • Lift me up +700
  • We found love +700
  • Where have you been? +800
  • Higher +1500
  • Needed me +1500
  • Labor +1500
  • Rude Boy +1600
  • Hate that I love you +2000
  • Unfaithful +2500

First song props are a common occurrence every February. Large profit margins between 3:1 and 25:1 are offered on this support. All you have to do is go for the right cut.

Halftime Show Prop for the number of songs in Rihanna’s set

  • About 9.5 -125
  • Under 9.5 -105

9.5 songs might seem like a lot for halftime in an NFL game, but they’re stretched to 30 minutes (or more) for the Super Bowl. In addition, most of the songs are performed in the style of a medley and not sung to the end.

However, Bovada has stated that partial songs will count as full songs, so keep that in mind on Super Bowl Sunday.

What will happen during Rihanna’s performance on stage?

  • Rihanna confirms her lyrics were censored by NFL-105
  • Rihanna opens an umbrella +275
  • A$AP Rocky appears on stage +300
  • Jay Z performs on stage +300
  • Drake appears on the stage +350
  • Rihanna suffers a wardrobe malfunction +500
  • Rihanna wears a bucket hat +700
  • Rihanna announces she’s pregnant +800
  • Rihanna announces her son’s name +800
  • Rihanna trips and falls over +1600
  • Rihanna proposes to A$AP Rocky +2500

The prop above contains member requests with moneyline odds for each potential outcome. The option of whether or not A$AP Rocky shows up has its own support at MyBookie.

Speaking of MyBookie.AG, here’s what they have in store for Rihanna’s halftime show.

Rihanna’s first song during the Super Bowl Halftime Show

  • Diamonds +200
  • Don’t stop the music +300
  • Lift me up +450
  • Believe it +450
  • Where have you been? +450
  • Umbrella +600
  • We found love +700
  • Labor +700
  • Cheers (Drink to it) +800
  • Hate that I love you +1000
  • Bitch better have my money +1200
  • Live your life +1400

This first song prop bet is similar to the one offered at Bovada. The beauty here is that the lines can be shopped for the best sports betting payouts. As an example, MyBookie is offering Diamonds at +200, but Bovada has the song at +500.

Will Rihanna Show Her Cleavage During Super Bowl Halftime Show?

MyBookie suggests that Rihanna will actually show some cleavage during her SB performance. No further details were given, but we believe side bust or even revealing a bust line will result in “Ja” being the winner.

Will A$AP Rocky Perform at Super Bowl Halftime?

We mentioned it before, and here’s A$AP Rocky’s own Super Bowl prop bet for an on-stage performance. He and Rihanna have one child together, but they are no longer romantically linked after A$AP Rocky dumped another woman, fashion mogul Amina Muaddi.

These Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show prop bets are expected to remain on the boards through at least the end of the second quarter. Much luck!

Source – Cosmopolitan

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