Odds Suggest High Voter Turnout

US Senate Election Odds for 2022

In 19 days, voters across the United States will venture to their local ballot boxes and ponder the future of the country. This midterm election cycle represents a crossroads for the nation, but unfortunately that seems to be happening every two years lately.

Political betting sites have released election odds for most of the major races and also created props suggesting turnout will almost certainly be higher than 2018.

Mid-term voting rates for voter turnout

  • To surpass voter turnout at Midterms 2018 -800
  • To surpass turnout in the 2020 presidential election +460
  • Posted to Bovada.LV

Due to the unrest following the 2020 presidential election, interest in politics has been at an all-time high and is likely the reason for the gigantic turnout expectations.

Big crowds at the ballot box usually produce favorable results for the Democratic Party, but current political prop bets suggest the GOP will gain control of both congressional bodies in 2022.

Who will control the house?

Today, the DNC holds a majority of 8 seats in the House of Representatives, with 3 seats vacant by death or resignation. All members of the US House of Representatives are up for re-election every 2 years, so every congressman from US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi down to the greenest rookie has to defend their turf this cycle.

Republicans are favored to capture a majority in the US House of Representatives and the betting odds imply it won’t be a close race.

Who will control the house in 2022?

Political odds makers at Bovada are even more certain of a GOP majority in the US House of Representatives, giving the prospect a -1000 money line.

Which party will win the House in the 2022 midterm elections?

  • Republican -1000
  • Democratic +550
  • *Bowada

The above two medium term prop bets give players the opportunity to buy the odds for the best payout. For example, bettors who believe the DNC will hit the house should place their bets with Bovada.

The reason? $1 bets on the Democrats at Bovada pay out $1.50 more than BetOnline if the DNC wins.

Those looking to bet on the GOP retaking the US House should do so at BetOnline as a $7 bet pays out $1, while Bovada charges a $10 bet for the same outcome.

Which party will control the US Senate?

Right now, the Democratic Party has a narrow lead in the US Senate thanks to Senate President Kamala Harris’ crucial vote. GOP lawmakers are favored to reach a majority in 2022, but that result is just 60 points ahead of the alternative in the following US Senate prop bet.

2022 US Senate Election

  • Republican -150
  • Democrats +110
  • *BetOnline.AG

The US Senate serves a 6-year term and, unlike the House of Representatives, not all seats are up for election at the same time. This creates a scenario where it can be difficult for one party to quickly gain an advantage over the other, as many US Senate districts have overwhelming majorities and certain winners.

There are also multiple bet lines for individual races to be decided on November 8th in the political sportsbook which we recommend our readers here at SBL. Be sure to research each of the election betting sites included in our online sports betting reviews to find the best and most reputable providers.

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