Odds Favor Brazil And Argentina To Win

A member of the Brazil FIFA World Cup soccer team chases the ball

This Sunday marks the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament, which will bring together the best national football teams from around the world to determine which country will receive the top honors over the next four years.

The FIFA World Cup tournament will be held in Qatar, a peninsular country within the Persian Gulf bordering Saudi Arabia.

Legal online FIFA World Cup sportsbooks have created futures odds that allow betting on the winner of the entire tournament.

Odds of winning FIFA World Cup 2022

  • Brazil +375
  • Argentina +500
  • France +700
  • England +900
  • Spain +900
  • Germany +1100
  • Netherlands +1400
  • Portugal +1400
  • Belgium +1600
  • Denmark +3000
  • Croatia +5500
  • Uruguay +5500
  • Senegal +10000
  • Serbia +10000
  • Switzerland +10000
  • US +10000

The best thing about early football betting is that the potential payouts are massive, even for your favorite club. For example, Brazil is currently the leading odds winner with a +375 moneyline.

Soccer players betting now on Brazil to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar can convert a $100 stake into a $475 payout if they become champions on December 18th.

For those more interested in FIFA single match betting lines, there are plenty of them at the sites listed under our top rated online sports betting reviews.

Betting on FIFA World Cup 2022: Brazil vs Serbia

  • Brazil Point Spread*: -1.0, -1.5
  • Brazil Moneyline: -220
  • Serbia Point distribution*: +1.0, +1.5
  • Serbia Moneyline: +575
  • Draw: +360
  • Over/Under*: 2.5, 3.0

The above FIFA betting line contains two different sets of numbers for the points distribution and the over/under total. This betting element is unique to football betting as it splits the amount at risk between the spread or total and pits against both numbers.

Since few goals are scored in international football, there is also a betting option on a tie. In the case of Serbia vs. Brazil, the probability of the game ending in a draw is higher than Serbia losing the game overall.

Host country Qatar are in action in this Sunday’s opening match, with a series that offers some of the most competitive odds on the board right now.

Ecuador vs Qatar FIFA Betting Line

  • Ecuador Point Spread*: 0.0, -0.5
  • Ecuador Moneyline: -145
  • Qatar Point Spread*: 0.0, +0.5
  • Qatar Moneyline: +2
  • Draw: +210
  • Over/Under*: 2.0

Soccer players looking for exponential payouts need look no further than next Monday when England take on Iran.

FIFA betting line for England vs. Iran

  • England Point Spread*: -1.0, -1.5
  • England money line: -280
  • Iran Point Spread*: +1.0, +1.5
  • Iran Moneyline: +900
  • Draw: +370
  • Over/Under*: 2.5, 3.0

FIFA bets of $100 on Iran odds return $900 in profit if England lose next Monday. Our advice is not to overdo it when going against FIFA outsiders, but Iran’s odds of winning are so unlikely that placing a low-dollar hedge might be worth considering.

The top two teams from each group of four will qualify for the ‘Round of 16’ of the FIFA World Cup tournament. This part of the tournament begins on December 3, 2022.

Once the ’round of 16′ begins, it’s lose or go home, leaving no room for error for the remaining FIFA teams. The above FIFA futures are available to bet on right now and we advise you to book early to secure the highest possible payouts.

Waiting until later in the tournament to bet on eventual FIFA World Cup winners won’t be as profitable as moneyline futures will fall closer to value once odds makers keep a better eye on all teams involved.

FIFA World Cup Betting Odds – Bovada.LV

Source – Yahoo!

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