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Lamar Jackson’s Complete Record Against All NFL Teams

Lamar Jackson’s Record Against Every NFL Team: A Prodigy’s Journey

When it comes to exceptional talent and electrifying playmaking abilities, Lamar Jackson stands in a league of his own. The Baltimore Ravens’ star quarterback has taken the NFL by storm with his incredible athleticism, unmatched speed, and remarkable passing skills. Since his debut in 2018, Jackson has left a trail of amazed opponents in his wake. In this article, we will delve into Lamar Jackson’s record against every NFL team, showcasing his dominance and the impact he has had on the sport.

The Unstoppable Force – Jackson’s Record Against AFC North Rivals

As a divisional rivalry, games against AFC North teams hold significant importance for the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson. Against the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers, Jackson has demonstrated his ability to carve up defenses with ease. With an immaculate 9-0 record against AFC North opponents, Lamar has cemented his status as the king of the division. His dazzling runs and pinpoint accuracy have proven to be a nightmare for the defenders tasked with containing him.

Outrunning the Bengals: A Perfect 3-0 Record

Lamar Jackson has carried his success against the traditionally tough Cincinnati Bengals. With a perfect 3-0 record, he has consistently outperformed the Bengals’ defense with both his arm and his legs. Jackson’s agility and speed make him nearly impossible to contain, leaving the Bengals’ defenders grasping at thin air. Whether he’s launching perfect spirals to his receivers or darting through gaps in the defense, Jackson’s dominance over the Bengals is unquestionable.

Mastering the Battle of the Birds: A Perfect 2-0 Record against the Browns

As the Ravens’ neighborly rivals, the Cleveland Browns have been no match for Lamar Jackson’s genius on the field. With a perfect 2-0 record against Baker Mayfield and the Browns, Jackson has left a lasting impression on the AFC North showdowns. His ability to read defenses and make split-second decisions has granted him the upper hand in this longstanding rivalry. From long throws to deep bombs or explosive runs, Jackson has shown the Browns that he is indeed the top dog.

Conquering the Steel City: 4-0 Against the Steelers

One of the most impressive aspects of Lamar Jackson’s record against NFL teams is his dominance over the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a perfect 4-0 record, Jackson has consistently outwitted the Steelers’ vaunted defense. His elusiveness and relentless determination have proven to be the kryptonite for Pittsburgh’s usually impenetrable fort. From his calculated passes to his lightning-fast runs, Jackson’s performances against the Steelers have been nothing short of mesmerizing.

NFC East Beware: Jackson’s Momentum Continues

Apart from his divisional rivals, Lamar Jackson has also made his mark against teams from the NFC East. With an overall 7-1 record against these opponents, he has shown that his exceptional abilities know no bounds.

Giants, Redskins, Eagles – All Subdued by Jackson

When facing the New York Giants, Washington Football Team, and Philadelphia Eagles, Lamar Jackson has been absolutely dominant. With a perfect 3-0 record against the Giants and Redskins, Jackson has showcased his ability to exploit weaknesses in opposing defenses. His connection with his receivers has led to numerous touchdowns, while his agility has left defenders flat-footed. Even against the Philadelphia Eagles, the only team to defeat Jackson from the NFC East, he has proven to be a formidable opponent, leaving no doubt about his impact on the game.

Fierce Battles and Exhilarating Victories Against Other NFL Teams

Lamar Jackson’s record is not just limited to his divisional and conference opponents. He has left a lasting impression on various other teams and their fans across the league.

Beating the Odds and the Patriots

One of the defining moments in Lamar Jackson’s career was his victory over the New England Patriots, led by the impeccable Bill Belichick. In this game, Jackson showcased his full repertoire of skills, tearing through the Patriots’ defense with both his arm and his legs. By leading his team to a convincing victory, he proved that he could defeat even the most renowned and challenging teams with his unique talents.

Proving Himself Against the Titans

The Tennessee Titans, known for their formidable run game, faced an unstoppable force when going head-to-head against Lamar Jackson. In their divisional-round playoff game in 2020, Jackson rewrote the record books with his breathtaking performance. Despite an early deficit, Jackson led a historic comeback, displaying his maturity as a leader and his unwavering determination. This game not only solidified Jackson’s greatness but also showcased his ability to rise to the occasion in the most crucial moments.


Lamar Jackson’s record against every NFL team speaks volumes about his talent, dominance, and impact on the game. From defeating his divisional rivals consistently to outplaying teams from other conferences, Jackson has left an indelible mark on the NFL. His unmatched athleticism, incredible speed, and remarkable skills continue to captivate fans and strike fear into the hearts of opposing defenses. As he continues to evolve and refine his game, there’s no telling what incredible feats Lamar Jackson will achieve in the future.

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