Kansas Legal Sports Betting Launch To Face Minor Delays

The legal sports betting in Kansas will probably not be available until after the football season starts.

The legal sports betting in Kansas will probably not be available until after the football season starts.

The prospect of one Kansas legal sports betting The September launch continues to weaken as licensing officials struggle to meet key deadlines. Between the needs of online and retail operators, the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission still has work to do.

What remains before a launch

Now that the state’s application window is closed, the commission has a solid list of licensees. But this is only the first phase of the process.

In the coming weeks, the group must create a plan for conducting background checks, as well as the basic draft regulations needed for industry oversight.

After the commission completes the previous tasks, the Kansas Lottery will step in to develop a sports betting licensing process.

Gov. Laura Kelly had previously expected retail and mobile sports betting Start before the start of the NFL season on September 8th. Unfortunately, the timeline set by the commission is inconsistent with the governor’s ambitions.

Kansas Statutory Betting Schedule

The licensing schedule is as follows:

  • August 1: The final day for the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission to submit an outline of applicant background check requirements.
  • 12. August: The first day the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission can begin voting on draft regulations for administrative oversight and industry audits.
  • September 1: The final day for the Kansas Lottery to submit guidelines for a sports betting platform approval process.

Some casinos are trying to sidestep the delays by pushing for a “soft launch,” which could see some operators running small bets while the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission completes its final inspections.

The Hollywood Casino on the Kansas Speedway, for example, has announced that it will have temporary betting kiosks ready and open to the public by September 11th.

Despite this, the casino requires full permits before they can start sports betting in any form. In view of the fact that the lottery and the commission have almost two weeks to do this, the goal seems difficult to achieve.

Operators take a proactive approach

Other potential operators are attempting to stay ahead of government approval by developing national partnerships.

For match officials, this display of eagerness and willingness comes as a pleasant surprise. In response to this action, Cory Thone, Public Information Officer of the Kansas Lottery says:

“We trust them to make their decisions for their business and I know we have to approve that, but we trust them and we trust what they’re doing and that’s why they’re there. Seeing them making that progress is okay because it shows they are ready. Everyone is preparing.”

With no clear start date in sight, many are left feeling uneasy. The legislation is here, but sports betting has yet to arrive.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that Kansas is already well on the way to becoming a full-fledged country legal sports betting state– comparable to Colorado and possibly even Pennsylvania.

Until the state goes ahead with its rollout, local bettors can still place their bets on offshore sports betting sites. See our menu ribbon for more information.

Source: NPP 12

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