Depp v. Heard Odds Arrive At Legal Online Sportsbooks

Amber Heard Odds Show Johnny Depp Is Favored To Win His Defamation Case Against Her

The latest Depp v Heard odds have made their way to the betting sites that top our legal online sportsbook reviews as the star-studded trial enters its final testimony week.

For those who somehow missed the excitement, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-partner for defamation for $50 million. Amber Heard has since filed a $100 million countersuit after Depp’s attorney claimed Heard’s allegations were false.

Depp V. Heard Trial proves to be lengthy

Earlier today, representatives from Johnny Depp’s legal team asked the presiding judge on the case to dismiss Heard’s counterclaim. However, Judge Penney Azcarate quickly denied the request, saying that Depp was responsible for his attorney’s allegations.

Still, the judge’s position in the counterclaim does not ensure a victory for Heard and her team. Public opinion is thick and steadfast in favor of Johnny Depp. Now that Heard’s legal team is resting his case, Depp will have full command of the courtroom for the rest of the week.

Still, Depp’s attorneys must surface some serious evidence and/or testimony if they intend to deal a final blow to the defendant.

But after months of poop allegations, alarming “sexes” and bloody finger stumps, it’s hard to imagine there are any stones left unturned.

Celebrity betting odds favor Depp

Legal Entertainment bet lines assume Depp will emerge victorious in his lawsuit. This is what the odds say:

Will Johnny Depp cry after hearing the jury verdict?

It’s more than likely that Johnny Depp will shed a few tears at the end of this process. Whether he wins or not, the case was turbulent and undoubtedly caused a lot of personal trauma. Crying would be the appropriate response in either scenario.

Still, Depp’s demeanor throughout the court process was one of composure. He may choose to back off and wait to show his raw emotions in private.

How much money will Johnny Depp be awarded if he wins the trial?

  • Over $50M -120
  • Under $50M -120

When Johnny’s legal counsel first filed the case against Amber Heard, the team requested a $50 million payout. The betting line above might be tricky. While the odds are the same for over and under $50 million, there are no options to choose the exact number.

If Depp wins and gets exactly $50 million, it’s unclear which bet would prove successful. But that could probably be sorted out with a quick call to customer service.

Facing the finish line

Will Johnny Depp watch Amber Heard after hearing the jury verdict?

The last of those lines addresses Depp’s refusal to bat an eye at Heard for the entire duration of the case. During one of her final testimonies, Heard told the courts that Johnny hadn’t even looked at her since the trial began.

It seems that the outcome of these odds will depend on the verdict of the jury. If Depp loses the case, it’s a safe bet he’ll continue to avoid eye contact with Heard.

But in case Johnny Depp wins the defamation lawsuit, we’re sure he’ll take a look at Heard. If only to capture the look in her eyes after her world has been turned upside down.

This could be your last chance to compete in these Depp v Heard odds. Betting on celebrity divorces doesn’t get any more lucrative.

Make sure you place your bets before the trial period ends!

Odds courtesy of BetUS

Source: Deadline, The New Yorker

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