Comparing The Tennessee vs. Alabama Betting Lines

Betting on the 2022 Crimson Tide Volunteers game

Betting on the 2022 Crimson Tide Volunteers game

Third-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide faces his toughest challenge of the 2022-23 college football season yet when he visits the Tennessee Volunteers at 3:30 p.m. this Saturday.

Undefeated and sixth overall nationally, the Volunteers are looking to extend that streak at home against the tide and campaign for a spot in the SEC championship game and the CFP bracket.

The betting lines for the Alabama Tennessee game are consistent in their belief that the Crimson Tide will beat the Volunteers by a touchdown.

Where online college football betting sites differ is in the odds on the moneyline.

Alabama vs. Tennessee betting line comparison

  • Alabama Point Spread: -7.0 | -7.0 | -7.0 | -7.0
  • Alabama Moneyline: -270| -280 | -274 | -265
  • Tennessee Point Spread: +7.0 | +7.0 | +7.0 | +7.0
  • Tennessee Money Line: +220 | +235 | +216 | +225
  • Over/Under: 65.0 | 65.0 | 65.0 | 65.5

The above Alabama Tennessee betting odds are published in order of Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie and BetUS.

Players looking to bet on Alabama beating the Volunteers should do so at BetUS as their -265 is the friendliest on the boards right now. A $2.65 stake is required to get $1 on a Crimson Tide win, which is $0.15 less risk than other top online sportsbooks.

If you think the underdog volunteers will defend their home territory and send Alabama home with a loss, BetOnline’s most profitable moneyline odds are offered at +235.

A $1 bet on Tennessee winning this Saturday’s game outright will result in a net gain of $2.35 if that happens.

The combination of Over/Under with the scoring implies that the end result is somewhere around:

Alabama 36
tennessee 29

Should bettors in Alabama be worried about the number of points Tennessee is likely to score?

One element that has allowed the Crimson Tide to stand out from their opponents this season is the play of quarterback Bryce Young, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner.

Young was not cleared for this Saturday’s game, but Alabama head coach Nick Saban is optimistic about his chances of starting the game under center for the Crimson Tide.

“Hopefully we’ll try to get him ready to play this week… But that’s something no one can predict how quickly he’ll get the opportunity to do what he needs to do.”

Alabama head coach Nick Saban on starting quarterback Bryce Young’s status

Alabama managed to beat a tough Texas A&M Aggies program 24-20 last weekend, but do they have enough talent on board to outlast the Volunteers on the road without Bryce Young in the lineup?

The current betting lines on the boards took Young’s availability into account when setting the odds for Saturday’s game. If Bryce gets clearance to play this weekend, look for the money lines that continue to shift in Alabama’s favor.

CFP betting odds currently align with the AP Top 25 rankings as they both feature Alabama as the third best team in the nation, two statuses that will surely change if they can beat the Tennessee Volunteers.

The above odds for Alabama Tennessee are published at Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie and BetUS

Source – Fox News

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