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Calder Trophy 2022-2023: NHL Betting Odds for the Win

NHL Odds To Win Calder Trophy 2022-2023

Every season, NHL fans eagerly anticipate the performance of the league’s top rookies, as they compete for the prestigious Calder Trophy. The upcoming 2022-2023 season promises to be no different, with a new wave of talented youngsters ready to make their mark in the league. In this article, we will discuss the odds of winning the Calder Trophy for the upcoming season, analyzing the top contenders and their chances of taking home the coveted award.

The Frontrunner: Shane Wright

When it comes to the odds of winning the Calder Trophy, all eyes are on Shane Wright, the highly-touted forward who is expected to be the first overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft. With exceptional skills, hockey IQ, and a natural scoring ability, Wright has the potential to make an immediate impact in the league. His impressive performance in junior hockey and international competitions only adds to the anticipation surrounding his debut season in the NHL. As a result, Wright is the frontrunner in the Calder Trophy race with the most favorable odds.

Strong Contenders: Matthew Beniers and Owen Power

While Shane Wright is the favorite, he is not the only rookie with a shot at winning the Calder Trophy. Matthew Beniers and Owen Power, two players widely regarded as top talents in the 2021 draft class, also boast impressive odds. Beniers, a versatile center with excellent offensive and defensive skills, is expected to make an immediate impact for the Seattle Kraken, the NHL’s newest expansion team. On the other hand, Owen Power, a towering defenseman with great mobility and hockey sense, will look to contribute on the blue line for the Buffalo Sabres. Both Beniers and Power have the potential to challenge Wright for the Calder Trophy, making them strong contenders based on their skills and opportunity.

Underdogs to Watch: Aatu Räty and Fabian Lysell

While the favorites receive most of the attention, it’s important not to overlook the potential dark horses in the Calder Trophy race. Aatu Räty, a highly-touted Finnish forward, and Fabian Lysell, a Swedish winger known for his speed and skill, are two rookies to keep an eye on. Although they may not have the same level of hype as Wright, Beniers, or Power, both Räty and Lysell possess immense talent and could surprise fans and pundits alike in the upcoming season. With the right opportunity and favorable circumstances, these underdogs have the potential to emerge as strong contenders for the Calder Trophy.

The Importance of Opportunity and Fit

While talent and potential are crucial factors in the Calder Trophy race, opportunity and fit within an NHL team cannot be underestimated. The chances of winning the award increase significantly for rookies who land in organizations that provide them with ample playing time and the right environment to showcase their abilities. A first-line role, power-play opportunities, and solid linemates can greatly enhance a player’s chances of standing out and making a significant impact in their debut season.

The Impact of Performance and Consistency

In addition to opportunity and fit, a rookie’s performance and consistency throughout the season play a significant role in the Calder Trophy race. While a hot start can create a buzz and put a player in the spotlight, maintaining a high level of play and making consistent contributions are equally important. Rookies who can consistently produce offense, display solid defensive play, and make a positive impact on their team’s performance will have a greater chance of winning the Calder Trophy.


The race for the Calder Trophy in the 2022-2023 NHL season promises to be highly competitive, with numerous talented rookies vying for the prestigious award. While Shane Wright enters the season as the clear frontrunner, other top prospects such as Matthew Beniers and Owen Power present strong challenges. Additionally, underdogs like Aatu Räty and Fabian Lysell should not be disregarded, as they possess the talent and potential to surprise. Ultimately, the winner of the Calder Trophy will be determined by a combination of talent, opportunity, performance, and consistency, making it an exciting journey for both the players and NHL fans.

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