Betting On The Simpsons & Hell’s Kitchen Odds

Gordon Ramsay and Bart Simpson

Gordon Ramsay and Bart Simpson

It seems that every time we visit an online sports betting book, there are more entertainment betting options populating the boards. The entertainment category was formerly limited to awards shows and reality TV competition series, but now the spectrum has expanded to include scripted television programs, films, and professional wrestling.

Bovada Sportsbook has created odds for two television productions we haven’t seen lines for yet: The Simpsons Season 34 and Hell’s Kitchen Season 21.

Betting on the Simpsons

The following line may just about qualify as a celebrity deathmatch bet, as correctly selecting the next Simpsons character to die will net at least 8-to-1 cash payouts.

While Grampa Simpson is the family’s senior statesman, time never seems to pass in the Simpsons universe. The show has been around since 1989, but none of the characters have aged a day.

In 1989, Maggie Simpson was a newborn who had yet to learn to talk or walk. Skip forward to Season 34 in 2022, and Maggie is still a toddler, despite the intelligence she’s revealed over the years.

However, age may not be the most likely cause of death for a Simpsons cast member. Will the next Simpsons character to lose his life meet a violent death?

Next Simpsons character to kill

  • Grandpa Simpson +800
  • Monty Burns +1000
  • Patty Bouvier +1000
  • Ned Flanders +1200
  • Selma Bouvier +1200
  • Barney Gumble +1600
  • Karl Karlson +1600
  • Comic Type +1600
  • Lenny Leonard +1600
  • Reverend Lovejoy +1600
  • Nelson Muntz +1800
  • Principal Skinner +1800
  • Groundsman Willie +2000
  • Milhouse Van Outen +2000
  • Side Show Bob +2000
  • Chief Wiggum +2500
  • Krusty The Clown +2500
  • Major Quimby +2
  • Moe Szyslak +2500
  • Maggie Simpson +3300
  • Marge Simpson +3300
  • Homer Simpson +4000
  • Bart Simpson +5000
  • Lisa Simpson +5000

Bovada is willing to accept actions for other characters upon request and will add the performer and their odds to the above entertainment prop bet if approved.

The death must also be permanent and not be a plot element of a “Treehouse of Horror” episode that airs near Halloween each season.

The Simpsons Longevity Chances

  • To reach season 40 without breaks -1000
  • To reach season 50 without breaks -150

The prop above also gets active at Bovada.LV asking Weather to put some money on The Simpsons so they can make it into season 40 or season 50 without any breaks between years.

The longest-running television series of all time is poised to surpass 40 seasons with probable odds of reaching season 50. That means we can count on enjoying The Simpsons at least until 2028, and possibly 2038.

Betting on Hell’s Kitchen Season 21

Another TV show that is now offering betting odds for the first time is Hell’s Kitchen. This series pits a red and blue team of chefs against each other in culinary battles until only one contestant remains.

Hell’s Kitchen odds for the winning age group

  • 20-something -1000
  • 40-something +500

Instead of providing futures that list all cast members from most likely to least likely winners, Bovada split the demographics in two and asked which age group will be victorious this season.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 is subtitled “Battle of the Ages,” which pits chefs in their 20s against a group of 40-49 year olds. The odds are in favor of the youth, but bets on the chefs around 40 have a net payout of 5 to 1 if successful.

As with all other entertainment betting odds, do this now if you are interested in placing a bet as these types of lines have a knack for disappearing quickly.

Entertainment Betting Odds – Bovada

Source – Variety

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