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It was only last August that we considered the prospect of betting on J.Lo and Ben Affleck getting engaged, but now it seems entertainment industry odds-makers don’t believe the celebrity couple will be married after their surprise July 16 wedding in Las Vegas for an eternal partnership is destined.

Ben and J-Lo’s 2021 odds of not getting engaged before the end of the year paid off, but online gamers had to risk $5 just to make $1 on the prospect.

This is Bennifer’s second round, so both Lopez and Affleck certainly know what they’re getting into, but does it matter? Entertainment betting sites say no, it doesn’t, and are currently taking action against odds that suggest the fairytale revival of this tabloid romance will be wiped out ahead of New Year’s Day 2025.

Will J-Lo & Ben Affleck Announce Divorce or Separation by 1/1/25?

While the celebrity betting odds above don’t offer the same win potential announced for Ben and Jens’ engagement, there is a decent margin of win potential on the table if you have the time.

For entertainment gamblers looking to bet on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck staying together beyond 2025, remember that withdrawals cannot be collected until 1/1/25.

Celebrity Divorce bets placed on Yes can win anytime before midnight today and New Year’s Eve 2024. All that needs to happen is a joint (or singular) declaration of separation or divorce within the allotted time frame and payouts can be collected immediately.

Can Ben and J.Lo make it?

Ben and Jennifer were last engaged in November 2002, but the wedding was officially called off just before the November 2003 wedding date.

J.Lo and Ben stayed together until the following January, when they officially announced their split. That’s a total of 15 months, more or less, that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been dating since their engagement.

The above prop bet on Ben and J.Lo grants celebrity players a 32-month “yes” timeframe to cash in, dating back to their second engagement in April 2022.

That’s more than double the length of Ben and Jen’s last courtship from the early 2000s, and practically dares online entertainment bettors to take action against a breakup or divorce during this time.

Ben and J.Lo prop bets

While there are currently no suggestions other than those listed above on the boards, due to the massive media attention Ben and J.Lo are receiving, we expect more to appear soon.

Although they are both of advanced age, the potential for parenthood is there. Celebrity baby bets on name, gender, date of birth and more will take up some space in online entertainment sports betting if this Hollywood power couple has even hinted at pregnancy.

For now, readers at BetOnline.AG can bet on J.Lo and Ben’s marriage lasting or not over, but keep an eye on all sites featured in our online sports betting reviews as we assume so that more odds will appear soon.

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