2022 Commonwealth Games Betting On Rugby & Field Hockey Odds

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The 2022 Commonwealth Games start this Thursday and end on August 8th and the legit betting sites featured in our online sportsbook reviews have already published odds on the outcomes of at least two events.

While the name may ring a bell, many Americans are unfamiliar with the Commonwealth Games because the United States is not a member country and does not send teams to compete.

What are the Commonwealth Games?

Dating back to 1930, the Commonwealth Games are very similar to the Olympic Games, but only the 56 members of the Commonwealth nations are invited to participate. These nations meet every four years and compete in over twenty sports, with gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to first through third place finishers in each category.

These nations are mostly former members of the British Empire and the games were originally titled British Empire Games. This year’s event will be held in Birmingham, England and will feature the following sports.

List of sports at the Commonwealth Games (2022)

  • water sports
  • Dive
  • To swim
  • Athletics (running, jumping, throwing, walking)
  • badminton
  • 3×3 basketball
  • Beach volleyball
  • Martial arts: boxing, judo, wrestling
  • cricket
  • Cycling, mountain biking, road cycling, track cycling
  • gymnastics
  • field hockey
  • lawn bowls
  • netball
  • Powerlifting/weightlifting
  • Rugby Sevens
  • To squeeze
  • table tennis
  • triathlon

2022 Commonwealth Games betting odds

Although there are twenty sports involved in this year’s games, only field hockey and rugby betting odds have been published so far. While most sports bettors in the United States are familiar with rugby, field hockey is an almost unknown quantity.

If you know about hockey and betting on NHL games, you already know about field hockey. The main difference is the playing surface, which is usually real or artificial grass.

Rugby 7 gold medal odds

  • Fiji +125
  • New Zealand +250
  • South Africa +350
  • Australia +400
  • England +1200
  • Samoa +2000
  • Scotland +5000
  • Kenya +10000
  • Canada +15000
  • Wales +25000
  • Tonga +50000

Fiji is the current leader in the above rugby betting futures with a +125 moneyline to win the gold medal. New Zealand are the defending rugby champions at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and their +250 odds of winning in 2022 will see punters more than double the amount at risk if they place bets now.

Odds of winning field hockey gold medal

  • Australia -200
  • England +325
  • New Zealand +325
  • India +800
  • Scotland +6600
  • Canada +10000
  • Pakistan +10000
  • South Africa +10000
  • Wales +20000
  • Ghana +50000

Australia is a big favorite to win the gold medal in field hockey in 2022. Bettors at the Commonwealth Games need to bet $2 on the Australian field hockey team just to rake in a dollar for their second straight gold medal.

We expect a significant increase in the odds for the Commonwealth Games, including match lines, for every single nations encounter over the next 48 hours.

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2022 Commonwealth Games betting odds are provided by: BetOnline

Source: Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games official website

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