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WWE Odds for Betting on NXT WarGames Pay Per View



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NXT might be World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) emerging brand, but their weekly television show has recently been producing odds for professional wrestling betting. This is something other sports entertainment brands and companies have struggled to do.

NXT is now third in broadcast ratings behind AEW (All-Elite Wrestling), and they are also number three behind Raw and Smackdown in terms of WWE shows. However, their production have featured events on free television and tickets that were announced well before Showtime has made them relevant on online betting sites.

Although we have reviewed several online betting websites, none of them post regular pro-wrestling odds.

Wrestling payper-views announce the majority weeks in advance. It is designed by promoters to sell tickets based upon the appearances of stars. This applies to NXT and AEW as well as WWE.

NXT’s upcoming WarGames PPV will be the same. All cards have wrestling lines that offer moneyline odds to winners.

The odds of men’s wargames winning

  • Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller & Tony D’Angelo -200
  • Tommaso Ciampa, Johnyy Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight +150

Chances of women’s wargames winning

  • Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Cora Jade & Kay Lee Ray -125
  • Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai (115)

Dusty Rhodes created the original WarGames concept. It involves a cage match between factions that fight inside until one group wins and ends the feud.

Bron Breakker did not win the NXT Heavyweight Championship in October at Halloween Havoc. However, his team is 2 to 1 favorite to beat Tommaso Ziampa’s crew with moneyline odds of +200.

The odds for Women’s WarGames are negative for both teams. It could go either direction. When placing bets on either side of this action, make sure the line is moving between now and Saturday.

Online entertainment betting sites offer odds on Rodering Strong facing Joe Gacy, and Cameron Grimes facing Duke Hudson.

Roderick Strong (Champion), versus Joe Gacy

  • Roderick Strong -185
  • Joe Gacy +140

Cameron Grimes versus Duke Hudson

  • Cameron Grimes -120
  • Duke Hudson -120

Strong has a good chance at holding on to his NXT Cruiserweight Championship. But, Joe Gacy is also close to Strong and could have a legitimate chance to win the title.

Although the odds of Grimes against Hudson betting aren’t very favorable, there is some potential for decent rewards in winning bets. However, if the winner is chosen and enough risk is taken, you can still win.

NXT WarGames is live on WWE Network. This subscription streaming service has been bundled with NBC’s Peacock app.

BetOnline offers the following betting lines for players who wish to place a bet on NXT WarGames odds.

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