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With win at Australia, USWNT unveils new era of its leadership team.



fresh faces shine as uswnt kicks off new era with

Vlatko andonovski came into Saturday’s friendly against Australia with two main goals. He wanted to put his inexperienced players to the test and give his whole team an opportunity to face a world-class opponent.

The USWNT and their coach were successful against the Matildas, winning 3-0. It was a game that marked the dawning of a new age after that disappointing Olympic performance.

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The hosts may have lost a few chances or were saved by Casey Murphy who was a star in her first international match in the USA.

Ashley Hatch scored her national team’s first goal in the opening minute, while Rose Lavelle (Rose Horan) scored goals in the second.

Australia had more possession, shots on goal and more possession than the USWNT. However, the USWNT was far more determined and won the first of two friendly matches against Australia that month.

Murphy shines in the cap

Alyssa Naheher was the USWNT goalkeeper’s starter for several years. However, the picture isn’t clear. Casey Murphy had the opportunity to assert her claim on Saturday, and her performance means that she is now being considered for advancement.

The OL Reign goalkeeper performed a series of good saves and displayed excellent control of her penalty box, taking full advantage the unusually high number of shots that the USWNT allowed.

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It made it huge. Murphy’s victory gave Andonovski confidence.

Murphy, who is 6-1, has a strong build. Her NWSL shape also suggests that Murphy could transition to international play. She displayed all her talents against the Matildas and had a mentality that indicated she wouldn’t be afraid of a big event.

Andonovski added, “I thought they were fantastic for the team and great for the defense line.” “It’s Casey’s first cap. But it will be the last,” I said.

USWNT passes the requested test

It is not often for the USWNT that they take on a prominent opponent in the street, especially when it is in front of hostile crowds. The last such game occurred almost three years back, when the US was defeated by France at the beginning of 2019.

The USWNT was faced by an Australian team on Saturday. This is a record for a Matildas match in Australia.

Tony Gustavsson’s team dominated the first half. They could have led if they were more clinical and had not fallen prey to defensive failures that cost them at Hatch.

These are the experiences which will be valuable in team building for 2023 World Cup. The USWNT could face hostile crowds again against Australia and New Zealand.

Make an impression on newcomers

Andonovski’s top priority at this month’s friendlies as well as at the January camp, is to find new faces that he thinks could be part of his main rotation in the 2023 World Cup.

Saturday’s lineup was unusual for a USWNT roster worn by veterans over the past few years.

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The XI, who was 26 years old on average, was the youngest USWNT starter since 2018. It also marked the first time in history that all 11 US starters were younger than 30 years.

Hatch, in addition to Murphy, made a huge impression scoring early and playing a well-rounded game in her third international match. Sofia Huerta played her first international game since 2018. She had a strong second half and was crucial in the team’s second goal.

Ashely Sánchez, Morgan Weaver, and Bethany Balcer made their national team debuts. They could all play a greater role in Tuesday’s second friendly against Matildas.