Will Shohei Ohtani surpass Aaron Judge’s AL home-run record just one season after it?

Could Shohei Ohtani break Aaron Judge’s AL home-run record one season later?

Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Angels’ two-way superstar, has taken the baseball world by storm. With his incredible abilities on both the mound and at the plate, Ohtani has shown himself to be a true force to be reckoned with. After his outstanding rookie season, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Ohtani could break Aaron Judge’s American League home-run record one season later. Let’s delve into this topic and analyze the possibilities.

The Remarkable Rookie Season

In 2018, Ohtani burst onto the scene by displaying his immense power as a hitter. Despite being limited to just 367 plate appearances due to an injury, he managed to hit 22 home runs. This impressive feat demonstrated his ability to hit for both power and average, as he finished the season with a .285 batting average.

Ohtani’s Unique Skillset

Ohtani’s unique ability to both pitch and hit sets him apart from any other player currently in Major League Baseball. Not only is he an exceptional power hitter, he is also a talented pitcher with an electric fastball and devastating breaking ball. This versatility allows him to have a significant impact on the game, both offensively and defensively.

Power Hitter

Ohtani possesses incredible power, as evidenced by his impressive home run numbers in his rookie season. His smooth swing generates tremendous bat speed, allowing him to hit the ball with authority. The combination of his raw power and impressive bat control makes him a constant threat to hit the long ball.

Effective Pitcher

Not only is Ohtani a prolific hitter, but he is also a formidable pitcher. In his rookie season, he posted a respectable 3.31 ERA over 10 starts before being shut down due to injury. His ability to pitch at a high level adds another dimension to his game and showcases his well-rounded skillset.

The Challenge of Breaking the Record

Aaron Judge’s record of 52 home runs in a single season is certainly no easy feat to surpass. It requires incredible power, consistency, and the ability to stay healthy throughout the entire season. While Ohtani has already demonstrated his power, he will face several challenges in his pursuit of this record.

Playing Time

One obstacle that Ohtani will need to overcome is the question of playing time. As a two-way player, he will need to balance his appearances as a pitcher and a hitter. This could potentially limit the number of plate appearances he gets, making it more challenging to accumulate a high number of home runs.

Injury Concerns

Another potential roadblock for Ohtani is his injury history. His rookie season was cut short due to an injury, and his dual role as a pitcher and hitter increases the risk of wear and tear on his body. Staying healthy for a full season will be crucial if he wants to have a legitimate shot at breaking the home-run record.

Potential for Success

Although breaking Aaron Judge’s record is no easy task, Ohtani possesses the skills and talent necessary to achieve this feat. His power and ability to make solid contact with the ball make him a constant threat at the plate. Additionally, his youth and improvement potential add to his chances of surpassing Judge’s record.

Increased Plate Appearances

If Ohtani can secure more consistent playing time as a hitter, he will have a greater opportunity to accumulate home runs. As he continues to establish himself in the league and prove his capabilities, the Angels may be more inclined to give him more plate appearances, thereby increasing his chances of breaking the record.

Continued Development

Ohtani’s impressive rookie season indicates that he has the potential to make strides in his game. With more experience and improved skills, he could become an even more dominant force at the plate. As he refines his swing and adjusts to major league pitching, there is a high likelihood that his power numbers will soar.


While breaking Aaron Judge’s American League home-run record is undoubtedly a formidable challenge, Shohei Ohtani possesses the talent and skillset to accomplish this feat. His incredible power as a hitter combined with his strong pitching abilities make him a one-of-a-kind player and a true threat to Judge’s record. With increased playing time as a hitter and continued improvement, Ohtani could very well make history and break the AL home-run record, solidifying his place as a baseball legend.

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