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Why Alex Ovechkin Can Beat Wayne Gretzky’s All-Time Goals Records



Reasons Alex Ovechkin can break Wayne Gretzky's all-time goalscoring record

Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals. Rob Carr / Getty Images / AFP

Russian sniper Alex Ovechkin could break the NHL all-time record of 894, set by Wayne Gretzky in 1999.

Gretzky’s record is inviolable

Many thought that Gretzky’s 894 NHL goals were almost untouchable and would not be broken in the near future. As a 35 year-old Russian, this record is in jeopardy. Alex Ovechkin’s total 730 goals places him 6th on the all time top scorer list..

Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals. Rob Carr / Getty Images / AFP

Ovechkin is Ovechkin, the only active player to have scored more than 600 goals. Gretzky keeps an eye on Gretzky’s record when it comes down to that number. Gretzky, at 38, retired. Although he was still an efficient goalscorer, assistant, many were surprised by Gretzky’s retirement statement. He claimed that it was a gut instinct and that he had back problems during the latter half of his career. The big question is: can Ovechkin beat Gretzky? Here are our reasons why we think so.

Ovechkin has many more years ahead

The Russian is a veteran of the NHL and has had a lot success with the Washington Capitals over the years. In just four of 16 seasons with the Capitals, he has not made the playoffs. The Capitals should still be in the playoffs next season..

Ovechkin also has a tougher game than Gretzky. Ovechkin can take a few more punches and doesn’t hesitate to drop his gloves if necessary. These are the qualities that should give Ovechkin a bit more longevity. Gretzky is less likely to be hurt by his physicality. Ovechkin may not have been able to look up to four or five years in league if it wasn’t for his closeness to the record.

Ovechkin’s mentality, 5 year extension

The Russian is a different sport. He plays and breeds hockey. His love for the game is stronger than it was 10 years ago. In fact, he seems to be more passionate than ever. His new five-year contract extension was signed by the Capitals.He will be playing in the NHL for five more years. Ovechkin finally opened up about the record after years of silence. He said, “I’ll try, but it’s impossible to predict the future.”

The forecasts for the next five years

We have our goal predictions for Ovechkin over the next five years, excluding major injuries. These factors will influence your NHL picks.

  • 2021: 45
  • 2022: 39
  • 2023: 37
  • 2024: 31
  • 2025: 28
  • Total: 180

Ovechkin will have 910 NHL goals when his contract ends, according to our forecasts of the growing NHL 2022 futures market. Consider also that Ovechkin may not be able to reach the record if he is only 15-20 goals behind it after five years. We think so.

Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals. Adam Glanzman / Getty Images / AFP

Another scenario is that Ovechkin could continue to play 6/7 years. This would give him around 950 career goals. Ovechkin will still be able to beat all of the NHL records, provided he doesn’t sustain a serious injury. This will certainly change the odds of our NHL team winning.

“The Great Eight”Record breaking feat

Gretzky’s 2,857 point record is unbeatable. I don’t think anyone will be able to beat Gretzky’s. Ovechkin wants to be remembered and his scoring abilities don’t change as he ages. However, he should still be able score at least 25 goals per season for the next five years. Gretzky is the opposite. Ovechkin, while not a great player, is a good goal-oriented player.This makes him the NHL’s greatest goal scorer in our eyes, and he deserves to hold this record.

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