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Three Underrated Teams Ahead of Next Season



Three underrated teams before the next season

Santiago Vescovi # 25 of the Tennessee Volunteers dribbles against Alabama in a breakaway group on March 13, 2021. Brett Carlsen / Getty Images / AFP

With the perennial Blue Blood teams seeing the most talented athletes in college basketball go to smaller programs, it’s harder to know who will really dominate each year. It’s becoming harder to win your conference when the power balance is shifting.

This was evident last year, when Alabama won both SEC championships despite having lost a NBA lottery tip. Although they were considered a mid-range squad, they were able to earn a 2-seed spot in the NCAA tournament.

College basketball is a great sport for underdogs. Everybody has the opportunity to make a name and get into the NCAA tournament. This is why it is so important that you identify underrated team.

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These are the ones that are in. transform Cinderella teams, and they can usually turn off a powerhouse or two before their season is over.

Underrated teams are also common due to the rotation of talent. Because of the transfer portal, professional leagues, and other factors, it is not common to keep your starting team XI from one year to another. Your best player will make you better than others if you keep him.

This season’s college basketball picks are below.

Santiago Vescovi (#25), of Tennessee Volunteers, drives the ball against Oregon State March 19, 2021. Sarah Stier / Getty Images / AFP

Volunteers in Tennessee

Just a few years ago, Tennessee was considered one of the best teams in the SEC. Their upper-class people are what made them a part of the NBA today. Still, they have one of the most experienced trainers in the SEC, and they have what it takes to be this year’s conference title.

Tennessee was an afterthought last season in the SEC. However, that didn’t mean they were a bad squad. Alabama had won the conference. People would have been more interested in the Vols if the Tide had lost just a few games.

It was also unfortunate that Tennessee was eliminated from the NCAA tournament early. All discussions about a season that could have been successful were halted by this.

This year, the vols have a great recruiting class that comes into play. These players will be able to play in the early rounds, which gives the Vols a good chance of winning straight out the SEC. While you might not win everything, you have the chance to make it deep into the NCAA tournament. When everything gels Don’t be surprised if you get to the Final Four.

Eric Williams Jr. (#50), shoots USC during the Sweet Sixteen round of the 2021 NCAA tournament. Justin Casterline / Getty Images / AFP

Oregon ducks

There are many teams in the Pac-12 that can compete on a grand scale. It was the best conference at the NCAA tournament last year. Even though they were not in the NCAA tournament pool, the UCLA Bruins reached the Final Four.

the Bubble teams rarely make it into Sweet 16, but the Bruins have overcome that. UCLA is the Pac-12’s favorite team.

They are expected to win the national title this year with a chance of +1100. This team deserves all of the credit they get for their achievements. But there are others that merit recognition.

Oregon always has been a dominant force in the conference. The multi-year conference is a powerhouse and deserves more respect.

This season, the ducks will be different. They won’t play as small this year as they did last. Still, they have a chance to win the Pac-12 again thanks to their size and versatility. We will see what happens next season.

Texas Tech’s Marcus Santos Silva #14 reaches for the ball in the second round match of the 2021 NCAA tourney against Arkansas. Michael Hickey / Getty Images / AFP

Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Big 12 had a lot of great teams last year, and Texas Tech was one of them. Although they lost some players to the transfer portal, and their head coach is no longer with them, that doesn’t automatically mean they will fall to the bottom.

Everyone wants to see Kansas and Texas in Big 12. The Red Raiders are a surprise to some, but don’t count them out. Although they’ve been overlooked by Chris Beard, the Red Raiders will still be solid.

Is Texas Tech able to win the Big 12 this season? I doubt it. Still, Look for them to piss off some teams in big games. They will likely be offered cheap NCAAB odds in the first half of the year, before showing that they are still a solid team.

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