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The Hockey Diaries – Back to Back



The hockey diaries - back to back

NHL season record 2.0

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For those not current, there is a pinned link to March 7th’s entry. It contains the oldest record of the old approach.

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This is a breakdown of the two A wagers that were made Friday night. The line is not crossed unless there’s a Devils total of +160. As the market value fell, there was a nice profit loop for nine days. Yes, it’s a season in which I feel a bit of shame that the NHL betting community believed the COVID season was a scam. I’m at least trying. This second half has seen some improvements. Chip damage certifiable, but it is possible to do something about it… eventually.

An update was given on the Canucks situation. The majority of their players and staff tested positive. However, the worst seems over at the club and they will continue to try to finish the season. Vancouver will attempt to get back on the ice next Wednesday, but it will be difficult for them to extend their schedule beyond 56 games. Although the Flames are leading the way head-to-head, it is not encouraging to be 8 points behind in the playoffs.

The Blues were the only team to qualify todayPlay the second of the three sets right with your game. They played yesterday after a 9-1 win against Minny’s net. The last game will be on Monday. This season, St. Louis has been very mediocre. Only one point separates them from the last playoff spot in the West, but there’s a lot more competing for it.

Jaden Schwartz #17 of the St. Louis Blues skates alongside the puck. Ethan Miller / Getty Images / AFP

April 10, 2010 bet:

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Always risk 1u, never “win” 1u. If I reveal two, I still risk 2u. I am not betting 2.5 to win 1. Just because the price is lower than mine, I will still be taking on 2u. The standard bet is 1u, which equals 1% of your bankroll. This will keep your bankroll full and you won’t lose any more money. If you are losing more than you win, don’t be afraid to stop betting. Do not include my games into parlays. You will be spending more money if your efforts to cut corners are unsuccessful.

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