Sports, Sports Betting, And Crypto Converge On A Cashless Future –

If you’re an online sports bettor, you’ve probably been at it for years.

Before 2018, you didn’t let something as passé as PASPA stop you from betting online, and now that the law is abolished, don’t change your habits.

Domestic sports betting is great if you live nearby – or if your state has legal online sports betting – but for the rest of us we just keep doing our thing.

And one of the main reasons for this has nothing to do with access or odds, although both are objectively better at international betting sites.

No, one of the most compelling reasons to eschew local gambling options for the tried and true offshore model is simply this:

International betting sites don’t accept cryptocurrencies and local sportsbooks (except Wyoming because Wyoming is great).

And crypto, as we all know, is the thing.

Recently, NFL GOAT Tom Brady emptied the fiat market when he declared his unbridled love for all things crypto, even going so far as to launch Autograph, a platform dedicated to selling NFT (non-fungible token) dedicated.

Brady played coy about the coins he endorses, but Mr. Laser Eyes was pretty clear on his position when interviewed during the recent CoinDesk Consensus 2021 conference:

“I firmly believe in it [cryptocurrency]. … I definitely think there will be more solutions [crypto] is widespread in all areas of our life. …

I don’t think it’s going anywhere. … The world is changing. … And you can be ahead of the curve or behind it, and I choose to be ahead of it.”

That’s a pretty big endorsement.

And then, going the other way – but hyping the same market – was this circus side show.

Now, if you’re betting on last weekend’s “fight” between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, you probably acted like a bandit.

However, if you did in fact pay for the fiasco, well, no comment.

Still, leading up to this… event… there was this weird weigh-in moment:

Ethereum what?

And then, during the “fight,” this promo was moved from Money’s shirt to his pants:

Then, as expected, the whole world began to ask the obvious question:

“What is EthereumMax?”

Then they looked in, scratched their heads, and bought plain old Ethereum instead.

And crypto kept creeping up.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect EthereumMax (EMAX) to be supported at any major legit online sportsbook as these operators are notoriously picky about the cryptos they accept.

After all, Bovada only started taking Ethereum less than a month ago.

That said, hype is hype and interest is interest, and it’s clear that more people than ever are starting to pay attention to cryptocurrency.

And in the mainstream, much of that attention is drawn by famous athletes.

You know, maybe it’s only a matter of time before domestic sportsbooks start accepting crypto.

After all, three years ago you would have been called insane if you said that professional American sports teams directly sponsor sports betting.

But times are changing, as Tom says.

*For the record, EthereumMax is a useless shit coin with a current market cap of LOL and a current price of $0.0000001488 per coin. Of course, if you put $10 into EMAX today, you will get 67,204,301 coins. If it then somehow went up to just $0.001 (i.e. still firmly in Shitcoin territory), you would make a profit of over $67,000. Bet a hundred and you would be a multi-millionaire. Put in a thousand and… well, you get the idea. Honestly, for most bettors, shitcoins scratch the itch pretty well. All in all, you should buy Cardano instead. ADA is the future. You’re welcome. -Ed.

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