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Sharp Money Moving North Texas vs. Appalachian State



Myrtle Beach Bowl Odds, Betting Tips: Strong Money Moves North Texas vs. Appalachian State Over / Under article feature image


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Dec 21, 2020, 1:30 p.m. EDT

  • North Texas will take on Appalachian Monday at the Myrtle Beach Bowl (2:30 pm). ET
  • According to the latest college football odds, Appalachian State is 21 points ahead of North Texas.
  • PJ Walsh uses the College Football PRO Report from PJ Walsh to analyze how North Texas vs Appalachian State is bet at the Myrtle Beach Bowl.

North Texas vs. Appalachian State

North Texas odds+21
Quotas on the State of Appalachian Mountains-21
Over under65.5
PRO projectionsApp status -19.8 | O / U: 64.3
Time / Channel 2:30 p.m. ET, ESPN

I’ll catch you up – I’m an Appalachian State alumni and I didn’t realize my climbers would play a bowl match this afternoon until I looked through College Football Live odds pages.

I can only imagine that I am not the only one trying to figure out how to place the Myrtle Beach Bowl.

Let’s take a look at our College Football PRO report to see how smart it is to bet North Texas against Appalachian State.

College Football Tips: North Texas against Appalachian State

Sharp action

Sports Insights Bet Signals data shows that two waves of smart money entered the market to jump North Texas vs. Appalachian State. This is based on several instances of action taken by reputable bookmakers, which forced oddsmakers to adjust this number.

This is why it was no surprise that the overall North Texas vs. Appalachian State standings rose to 62.5 to 65.5 (click this for the latest Myrtle Beach Bowl odds).

Big money

64 percent of tickets are on over which indicates that bettors anticipate a game with higher scores.

Additionally, 98% of the money was also received on the over. This shows how strong the odds are in this game.

Selection for PRO reportsPlus 65.5

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