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Seahawks Favored by One over D.C.



Monday Night Football Betting NFL odds Seattle Washington 2021

Week 12’s NFL schedule saw several high-stakes matchups and results that will have a major impact on the playoff picture. Monday Night Football’s audience now has a dud to look forward to Sunday.

Although none of the teams are being counted in the postseason competitions, it is clear that virtually every other week 12 game would have been more interesting to showcase in front of a national audience.

Despite the potential for a terrible pairing with less than mediocre teams there are still interesting NFL betting aspects, as both franchises continue to strive for playoff relevance. Here’s a look at the NFL play line for MNF Week 12. It shows how close we could be tonight.

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Team

  • Seahawks point distribution: -1.0
  • Seahawks moneyline: -120
  • Washington point spread +1.0
  • Washington money line +100
  • Over/Under: 46.0
  • Projection: Seattle 24, Washington 22

Washington wins over Seattle

The football team will be able to win tonight against the Seahawks, bringing it up to 5-6. They will also remain in the NFC East with Philadelphia Eagles and one point ahead of the New York Giants. Also, a win would place them within two games of the Dallas Cowboys division leaders, keeping Washinton alive for the NFC East title race and possibly a wildcard spot.

Washington will not be worse than tenth place in the National Football Conference if they win, which is three places below a wildcard. Washington is not likely to win the NFC East according to the odds. Their current position of tenth in the NFC Championship Futures matches Washington’s.

DC’s optimism is partly due to the fact that their football team has never lost a single game against an inferior opponent. Washington has a great opportunity to win and cover the game if the Seattle Seahawks don’t disappoint tonight.

Seattle Monday Night Football wins

Washington must win for the Seahawks to remain relevant in 2021/22. The NFC West was expected to be the most competitive preseason’s NFL futures odds. And that prediction has been realized as three of the four franchises are currently in the NFC’s top 7.

Seattle, at 3-7, is in a place where they cannot afford another loss. The Seahawks’ new year is not right and the memories of Russell Wilson’s crazy antics on field are starting to fade.

The Monday Night Football betting line below shows this. It gives Seattle a NFL point spread advantage over Washington of 1.0 at Lumen Field. This designation is usually reserved for the top players in the National Football League.

The NFL moneyline odds for today’s Seahawks game almost suggest it is a pick-em. However, the futures odds of the NFC place Seattle just a few slots above Washington overall.

Watch Monday Night Football live on ESPN at 8:00 pm tonight and place your NFL wagers early!, MyBookie