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Who is doing research?

Research on sports betting reviews

SBR has a diverse team of professionals that we use to review every sportsbook. We have experienced sports betting industry members who have gone through every online sports betting site to analyze the basic features, promotions, sign up process, terms and conditions and more.

SBR tracks data from these features and benchmarks them against competitors in the market to see where each sportsbook compares to the industry average in features such as promotions, betting app user ratings on the App Store and Google Play, and banking options.

To analyze the user interface and user experience, SBR seeks the opinion of professional graphic and product designers. Our sportsbook experts work with designers and evaluate each sportsbook’s user interface and experience against a specific list of criteria.

SBR also enlists the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts to track the popularity of each sportsbook and help us measure monthly active users. These experts track Google’s search volume for each online sportsbook and impressions or click tracking data on our website and partner websites.

news research

Sportsbook Review’s news team consists of a collection of freelance and full-time editors and betting analysts. All authors have extensive experience in the sports betting industry and experience in the editorial environment.

Authors use a variety of sources when researching breaking news stories, news articles, and features. Betting sites, sportsbook, top sports news sites and social media are used for research in most cases.

Choose research

Sportsbook Review expert betting tips come from a collection of freelance and full-time betting analysts. All analysts have extensive experience in the sports betting industry.

Authors conduct their own research to support their recommended choices, which are reviewed by SBR’s team of in-house publisher editors. Statistics are sourced from official league sites or other reputable and verifiable statistics sites where possible. Odds and odds are sourced from our top rated sportsbook and selection is based on odds at the time of writing this article.

While we can never guarantee that any selection is correct, SBR strives to honor its commitment to provide factually accurate advice.

Who creates the content?

Sports betting review authors

SBR assigns certain sports bets to a person with extensive experience in sports betting and iGaming. This person is responsible for creating the content and managing the entire review process of their specific sportsbook. These tasks include working with graphic and product designers and SEO experts to properly gather all the necessary data for each sportsbook and weigh it up against its competitors in the market.

Our sportsbook expert is tasked with reviewing every sportsbook with an honest and unbiased mindset. The comparison system we use helps encourage this by creating a set algorithm that automatically weights data points and generates a grade based on quantitative data available per sportsbook. Our qualities are not for sale. There is no financial contribution from a sportsbook that helps rank them higher than they should legitimately be based on our algorithm.

news writer

SBR covers a wide range of industry news. The full-time and freelance writers fill the site with a variety of topics covered, including information on state betting, breaking news in the sports world and how it’s changing odds, trending social betting content and betting features.

Select writers

SBR covers the major sporting events and major sports betting futures markets every day and week. Contracts are awarded to freelancers and full-time betting analysts who are responsible for researching and making their selections based on available news and data about the selected market.

Analysts make all their decisions based on their forecast results. No bet is guaranteed, but analysts are asked to provide the information they would use to place their bets.

How is the information verified?

Sports betting reviews

We source as much information as possible directly from the operator for our sports betting reviews to ensure the data is official and correct. As a sports betting affiliate partner, we also have direct contact with them to clarify any details that we feel may be misunderstood by users.


All SBR news content is reviewed by a publishing editor. The publishing editor is responsible for checking that all betting information is correct before publishing it on the website. Quotas, statistics, sources and spelling are the responsibility of the publishing editor to avoid errors in the text.


SBR’s team of experienced publishing editors reviews all information provided in analyst-submitted copies. We seek the most official source for all information, be it the league website or other reputable stats provider. Odds, lines, lineup news and weather conditions are based on information available at the time of publication.

How to submit corrections

We have a dedicated team of experienced content editors to ensure all content and data is correct prior to publication. Although, as with anything containing a human element, mistakes can happen. If you notice any outdated or inaccurate information on our website, please let us know by contacting us at

Current affiliate partners

The individual sportsbooks that we have partnerships with include:

10bet, 888sport, Bet365, BetFred, BetMGM, BetRegal, BetRivers, Betsson, Betway, Caesars, ComeOn, Coolbet, DraftKings, FanDuel, FOX Bet, Guts, LeoVegas, Marathon, MatchBook, MobileBet, NordicBet, NoviBet, Pinnacle, PointsBet, PowerPlay , Sports Interaction, SugarHouse, theScore Bet, Tipico, Unibet, William Hill

How we make money

SBR has been a sports betting authority since 1999. The relationships we have built over time with regulated, licensed and legit betting sites have enabled our professional sportsbook experts to help resolve disputes between operators and bettors and rightfully return millions of dollars to our community members.

SBR may receive an advertising commission when you visit, create an account and make a deposit at a sportsbook or casino betting site through selected affiliate links on our website. However, our reviews are not for sale and are based on quantitative data covering the features of each sportsbook, such as: B. live betting options, betting apps and more, compared to its competitors.

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