Raptors vs. Bulls SuperDraft Picks 4/12: Best DFS lineup advice for 2023 NBA Play-In Tournament game

Jakob Pöltl 040323

The ninth-ranked Raptors host the tenth-ranked Bulls in Toronto tonight (7:00 p.m. ET, ESPN) with both hoping to make the final game of the Eastern Conference NBA Play-In Tournament. If the team that wins tonight beats the Heat on Friday night, they will take eighth place and play in a best-of-seven team in the opening round against the top-ranked Bucks. We’ve covered the best bets and under-the-radar props for this crucial Eastern Conference clash, but today we’re going to provide our optimal Raptors-Bulls Superdraft lineup to help you rake in some midweek DFS cash earn.

SuperDraft offers DFS competitions with salary caps, but most of its tournaments do not have any restrictions such as caps or tiers. The strategy involves score multipliers – the higher a player’s average fantasy score, the lower their multiplier. The lower their average fantasy power, the higher their multiplier. A successful lineup will feature a good mix of Stud Fantasy contributors with 1x-1.5x boosts, as well as matchup-based sleepers with larger multipliers.

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The “Champion” spot – similar to the “Captain” or “MVP” spot in DraftKings or FanDuel – gives an additional 50 percent multiplier of the champion’s fantasy score (in addition to its listed multiplier). Since we’re taking the Raptors to win this game at home, we’ve picked two Toronto players at the top of our lineup, one of which is like a no-brainer than ours with a 2.65x multiplier plus a 50 percent boost “Champion” appeared.” The remaining three roster additions are Bulls as we expect a good game and we like the value of the multipliers we get with the Chicago players.

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Before we break down all of our tips, here are the most notable scoring rules for SuperDraft competitions: Three-point shot made (+0.5 points), recoil (+1.25 points), supports (+1.5 points), steals and blocks (+3 points), double-double (+1.5 points – maximum one per player) and triple-double (+1.5 points – maximum one player). Additionally, your champion player’s total score increases by an additional 50 percent.

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SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks: Raptors vs. Bulls

The lineup consists of a Champion player who scores an additional 50% of their multiplier and four FLEX players. The line-up must include players from at least two different teams. Draft all your favorite players based on their multiplier value with no restrictions.

Champion (50% more points): C Jakob Poeltl, Raptors (Multiplier: 2.65x)

Poeltl has made a huge difference to Toronto since returning to the Raptors in a deadline deal with the Spurs. Nick Nurse’s squad has played five games over .500 with Poeltl in the starting lineup, and the Raps are at home at an incredible 11-1 with him as the starting center. He’s a force on the glass and a highly efficient goalscorer on the rim. He’s a good candidate for counting some “stocks” worth three SuperDraft-sized points each, and he’s also a good passer for a big man. He also appears to be a lock to record a double-double considering he averaged 14.1 points and 9.9 rebounds per game in March. Nurse always rides his starters longer in the postseason, so we can’t go wrong with Poeltl’s multiplier. Nikola Vucevic does not want this Poeltl smoke!

UTIL: PF Pascal Siakam, Raptors (Multiplier: 1x)

Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors) 03282023

We just can’t come up with a lineup that doesn’t include Siakam, the highest scoring fantasy scorer in the game. Sure, the multiplier is as low as it gets in SuperDraft, but that’s the risk that comes with highly rewarded players like Spicy P. He can do anything and he’ll be a liability for DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine , and Patrick Williams to handle defensively. We think Siakam will be the top scorer tonight and also a good candidate to provide six to eight assists and grab a few rebounds while Poeltl and Big Vooch box each other in the trenches.

UTIL: SG/SF DeMar DeRozan, Bulls (Multiplier: 1.3x)

The Raptors defend DeMar DeRozan

Just like Siakam is a player we love to play in Raptors lineups, DeRozan is a guy we love to include in any Bulls-related DFS competition. A bonus is that Toronto is his former squad and Scotiabank Arena is a place where he is very comfortable. The Bulls are very top-heavy offensively, so our goal is to basically gobble up as much of the counting stats as possible by monopolizing their core in our lineup.

UTIL: SG/SF Zach LaVine, Bulls (Multiplier: 1.4x)

Zach LaVine Chicago Bulls

LaVine can get sizzling at all three scoring levels, but it’s his three-point shooting that really draws us to him as a SuperDraft trump card. The Raptors allow opponents to shoot a collective 37.4 percent from beyond the arc, the third-highest three-point percentage allowed in the NBA. The Zach attack is tonight and takes place in three-point land.

UTIL: C Nikola Vucevic, Bulls (Multiplier: 1.35x)

Nikola Vucevic / Chicago Bulls

Now we both have dynamic centers and three of the top four scorers in the competition. Sorry Fred VanVleet but you’re the underdog for being so damn inconsistent this season. Also, Alex Caruso, Patrick Beverley, Ayo Dosunmo and Coby White don’t make for fun offensive nights for opposing point guards. Big Vooch seems a lot safer. He’s usually good for double digits and 8-10 rebounds, with some peripheral stats.

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