Ranking the Super Bowl 57 matchup combinations from best (49ers vs. Chiefs) to worst (Bengals vs. Eagles)


Whoever is playing in Super Bowl 57, the game will feel familiar based on recent results.

The AFC championship game features a rematch in Kansas City. The Super Bowl 54 champion and Super Bowl 55 runner-up Chiefs will host Super Bowl 56 runner-up Bengals.

The NFC Championship game will see Super Bowl 54 runners-up the 49ers for the third time in four years. They will travel to take on the No. 1 Eagles, who were also the top seeds when they won Super Bowl 52.

While every version of Super Bowl 57 is going to be an exciting and awesome matchup, here’s having a little fun and ranking them based on potential gameplay:

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1. 49ers vs. Chiefs

“The Joe Montana Bowl II”

This would be a star-driven rehash of Super Bowl 54, when the game’s MVP Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City past San Francisco with a 21-point quarter for a 31-20 win. Mahomes Magic vs. Brock Purdy Pandemonium would be quite a QB marquee. Seeing Andy Reid vs. Kyle Shanahan and George Kittle vs. Travis Kelce again would be sweet too.

The last two Super Bowls, played in Glendale, Arizona, were also classics. The Giants upset the undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl 42, and the Patriots survived the Seahawks repeat offender in Super Bowl 49. Bringing these two teams together is sure to be an exciting offensive affair.


2. Chiefs vs. Eagles

“The Andy Reid Bowl” or “The Kelce Brothers Bowl”

All the attention would fall on the longtime Chiefs head coach, who also once reached the Super Bowl as the longtime head coach of the Eagles. Many of the things Reid did in Philadelphia are still part of the team’s offensive foundation.

From that result, either the Eagles will have won two Super Bowls in six seasons or the Chiefs will have won two Super Bowls in four seasons. It would guarantee that one of the future Hall of Famer Kelce brothers, Travis or Eagles center Jason, would deserve a second ring.

Mahomes, who fought Jalen Hurts, would also determine the “real” MVP on the field. It would also be nice to have another top seed duel, pitting the top two teams of the regular season against each other in a rare No. 1 vs. No. 1 battle. Don’t forget the delicious Philly Cheesesteak and the KC-Barbecue Opportunities for an epic home tailgate and an obligatory mayoral culinary wager.

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3. 49ers vs Bengal

“The Joe Cool Bowl”

Joe Burrow will seek revenge for Montana’s 49ers beating the Bengals twice, in Super Bowl 16 and Super Bowl 23. Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason have done their best, but Burrow can live up to his legend as Cincinnati’s starting QB with a ring solidify after coming to his first Super Bowl last year.

Burrow has tended to be compared to Montana for his easygoing, quiet competitive nature. The Bengals would establish themselves as long-term contenders, with Burrow leading to back-to-back Super Bowls.

This matchup would also mean that one of the two most recent Super Bowl losers will have some redemption. Purdy vs. Burrow will be a blast and this game would also have plenty of playmakers with Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon and others joining Kittle, Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk. Both teams could also be recovering from the loss to the Rams a year ago.

4. Eagles vs. Bengal

“The Jeff Blake Bowl”

There’s not much that ties these cities or teams together, although Blake was actually quarterback for both teams. Philadelphia comes from the Greek and means “brotherly love”. Cincinnati was named after a Roman military leader.

In sitcom lore, Philly boasts of the Fresh Prince, Janine Teagues, Charlie Kelly, Ronald “Mac” McDonald, and of course Dennis, Dee, and Frank Reynolds. Philadelphia also boasts some related movies, including the likes of Rocky, Silver Linings Playbook – and wait for them – The Philadelphia Story and Philadelphia.

Cincy can make up for that with WKRP alone, thanks to Dr. Johnny Fever, Les Nessman, Venus Flytrap, of course the underrated Bailey Quarters. His big reference films include Rain Man and — wait for it — The Cincinnati Kid.

No one can question the quality of a cheesesteak from Pat’s, Geno’s or any other worthy establishment. But as the opposite of KC Barbecue, Skyline Chili always disappoints (Burrow would agree), so think more of Grater’s Ice Cream and The Montgomery Inn.

Getting back to football, Burrow vs. Hurts would be another great QB matchup, with both players drafted into the 2020 class. There’s also the fact that like Travis, Jason also starred in college in Cincinnati.

But when it comes to Super Bowls, the 49ers undoubtedly have more historical appeal and the Chiefs have a more modern appeal because of Mahomes. A Super Bowl without these teams would excite Philly and Cincy, but it could be thwarted by occasional fan buzz.

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