NHL playoff bracket 2023: Full, updated schedule, TV channel, scores for hockey postseason

nhl playoff bracket 2023: full, updated schedule, tv channel, scores

The 2023 NHL Playoffs begin Monday when the first-round series kicks off the postseason.

The field of 16 is set, eight teams from each conference want to fight for the Stanley Cup.

There are many intriguing storylines surrounding the first round. After such a dominant regular season, can the Bruins avoid the 2019 Lightning fate? Can the Kraken spoil the Avalanche’s chances of a rerun? Is this finally the year the Maple Leafs win a playoff series?

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The Sporting News has the full bracket and schedule for the 2023 NHL playoffs first round.

NHL Playoff Bracket 2023

First round

east conference

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (WC2) Florida Panthers0-0
(A2) Toronto Maple Leafs vs. (A3) Tampa Bay Lightning0-0
(M1) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (WC1) New York Islanders1-0
(M2) New Jersey Devils vs. (M3) New York Rangers0-0

Western Conference

(C1) Colorado Avalanche vs. (WC1) Seattle Kraken0-0
(C2) Dallas Stars vs. (C3) Minnesota Wild0-0
(P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (WC2) Winnipeg Jets0-0
(P2) Edmonton Oilers vs. (P3) Los Angeles Kings0-0

2023 NHL playoff schedule

(All times in East)

(* = if required)

Monday, April 17th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 1hurricanes 2islander 1ESPN2, SN360, TVAS219 o’clock
game 1brown 3panthers 1ESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP, CBC, TVAS19:30 o’clock
game 1Stars vs WildESPN2, SN360, TVAS29:30 p.m
game 1Oilers vs. KingsESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS22 O `clock

Tuesday, April 18th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 1Devils vs RangersTBS, SN360, TVAS219 o’clock
game 1Maple leaves against lightningESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP, CBC, TVAS19:30 o’clock
game 1Golden Knights vs. JetsESPN2, SNW, TVAS29:30 p.m
game 1Avalanche vs RiftESPN, SN360, TVAS22 O `clock

Wednesday, April 19th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 2Hurricanes against islandersESPN2, SN360, TVAS19 o’clock
game 2Bruins vs PanthersESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP, CBC, TVAS19:30 o’clock
game 2Stars vs WildESPN2, SN360, TVAS9:30 p.m
game 2Oilers vs. KingsESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS22 O `clock

Thursday, April 20th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 2Maple leaves against lightningESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS19 o’clock
game 2Devils vs RangersTBS, SN360, TVAS19:30 o’clock
game 2Avalanche vs RiftESPN, SN360, FX, TVAS9:30 p.m
game 2Golden Knights vs. JetsESPN2, SNW, TVAS222 O `clock

Friday, April 21st

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 3Islanders vs. HurricanesTBS, SN1, TVAS19 o’clock
game 3Panthers vs BruinsTNT, SNE, SNO, SNP, CBC, TVAS19:30 o’clock
game 3Wild Against StarsTBS, SN1, TVAS9:30 p.m
game 3Kings vs OilersTNT, SN, CBC, TVAS22 O `clock

Saturday, April 22nd

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 3Jets versus Golden KnightsTBS, SN, CBC, TVAS4 p.m
game 3Blitz vs. Maple LeafsTBS, SN, CBC, TVAS19 o’clock
game 3Ranger vs DevilABC, SN1, City, TVAS8 p.m
game 3Rift vs. AvalancheTBS, SN360, TVAS22 O `clock

Sunday, April 23

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 4Islanders vs. HurricanesTNT, SN360, TVAS13 o’clock
game 4Panthers vs BruinsTNT, SN1, TVAS3:30 p.m
game 4Wild Against StarsTBS, SNE, SNO, SNP, TVAS6:30 p.m
game 4Kings vs OilersESPN, SNW, TVAS21 clock

Monday, April 24th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
game 4Ranger vs DevilESPN, SN360, TVAS19 o’clock
game 4Blitz vs. Maple LeafsTBS, SNE, SNO, SNP, CBC19:30 o’clock
game 4Jets versus Golden KnightsESPN, SNW, TVAS9:30 p.m
game 4Rift vs. AvalancheTBS, SN360, TVAS22 O `clock

Tuesday, April 25th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 5*Hurricanes against islandersopenopen
Game 5*Stars vs Wildopenopen
Game 5*Oilers vs. Kingsopenopen

Wednesday, April 26th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 5*Bruins vs Panthersopenopen
Game 5*Avalanche vs Riftopenopen

Thursday, April 27th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 5*Maple leaves against lightningopenopen
Game 5*Devils vs Rangersopenopen
Game 5*Golden Knights vs. Jetsopenopen

Friday, April 28th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 6*Islanders vs. Hurricanesopenopen
Game 6*Panthers vs Bruinsopenopen
Game 6*Wild Against Starsopenopen
Game 6*Rift vs. Avalancheopenopen

Saturday, April 29th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 6*Blitz vs. Maple Leafsopenopen
Game 6*Ranger vs Devilopenopen
Game 6*Jets versus Golden Knightsopenopen
Game 6*Kings vs Oilersopenopen

Sunday, April 30th

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 7*Hurricanes against islandersopenopen
Game 7*Bruins vs Panthersopenopen
Game 7*Stars vs Wildopenopen
Game 7*Avalanche vs Riftopenopen

Monday May 1st

GameMatchTV channeltime (ET)
Game 7*Maple leaves against lightningopenopen
Game 7*Devils vs Rangersopenopen
Game 7*Golden Knights vs. Jetsopenopen
Game 7*Oilers vs. Kingsopenopen

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