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NFL Week 2 Last Chance Value Picks



NFL Week 2 Last Chance Value Picks

Joe Burrow # 9 of the Cincinnati Bengals. Andy Lyons / Getty Images / AFP

Week 2 of the regular season is here and below we have our Last Chance Value picks where we played 2-1 ATS last week and this time we will be looking for the sweep in our NFL picks!

Houston Texans versus Cleveland Browns

Sunday, September 19, 2021 – 1:00 p.m. EDT in the FirstEnergy Stadium

Both teams did the unexpected last week but got very different results. The Texans, preseason favorites who went without a win this season, put an end to that speculation when they not only defeated the converted Jacksonville Jaguars, but also chewed and spat them to the tune of a 37:21 victory as 3rd ½ point home underdogs.

Meanwhile, the Browns were about to shock the AFC powerhouses Kansas City Chiefs no less in the sacred grounds of Arrowhead Stadium. But the chiefs wouldn’t let that happen and yelled from the golden arm of Patrick Mahomes on his way to a 33-29 win over the game but ultimately overtakes Browns.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes # 15. Jamie Squire / Getty Images / AFP

NFL odds for that matchup started with Cleveland putting down 12½ points at home against the lowly Texans, but that number has been beaten by the squares where it is now at -14 (+112) at one point. As we all know, getting two full touchdowns can be crucial and we are skipping another crucial number – 13 – which means that the difference is not only 1 ½ point, but that we run through a critical number and land on another that can give us either cover or thrust.

I’m not sure the Texans are as bad as their preseason press clippings claim, which is why I’ll be snapping the points; paying the juice it demands and hoping the Browns are a little tired and dejected after leaving everything in the field and still being beaten by the Chiefs last week.

NFL selection: Texans 13 (-110) with BetOnline (visit our BetOnline test)

Texans 13 (-110)

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Cincinnati Bengals vs. Chicago Bears

Sunday, September 19, 2021 – 1:00 PM EDT at Soldier Field

The large unwashed masses are there again. The Bears opened as a 1-point home chalk, but Joe Q. He is betting on the 85 edition, rather than the 21 we see. The number has risen from -3 to -3 at a reputable shop. Who are these bears? Last week, you lost 20 points to Rams and now you are setting a field goal.

Your argument is that the Bengals are coming into town, and they are not very good. The Cats have Joe Burrow as their young quarterback, and they beat the Vikings overtime last year. I would pass this game if the Bengals gave me a small point. But a full field goal at Intertops, (check out our Intertops Review) makes it a game worth my while. Play the cats, redeem a ticket.

NFL selection: Bengals +3 (-120) with Intertops (visit our Intertops Review)

Bengal +3(-120)

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Las Vegas Raiders versus Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, September 19, 2021 – 1:00 p.m. EDT at Heinz Field

The Raiders had one of the weirdest wins in the league when they defeated the Ravens in an overtime thriller Monday night. Both teams insisted on letting the other win, even though it appeared they didn’t want the win.

Raiders: “No. Behind you, please.”

Ravens: I can’t imagine that. Please, for me.

Raiders: You’re just too kind, but I must insist on you.”

Ravens: “Well, if you…. Ravens: “Well…if you…

Raiders: “If I have to, but next time …”

That’s how it went, but the Raiders are back in the ring for another swing against a team that seemed doomed to lose last week but happened to be playing against a team in the Bills that looked almost disinterested and found themselves in a 23- 16 manifested victory for Pittsburgh. And now the books for the Steelers will be active in this matchup on Sunday afternoon and the number has increased from -5½ to -7 (+117).

Now I know these runaways can have some juice, like in this case where we get the Raiders +7, but we have to pay -137 for the privilege, a whopping 27 cents above our standard Vig. It is well worth the cost. However, Steelers don’t look like a team that can score a lot of points. Raiders are known for their ability to get it out early, often. This could catch Pittsburgh’s secondary off guard or require more than a few pass interference calls. You can get the street dog here.

NFL selection: Raiders 6 (-101) with BetOnline

Hunter 6 (-101)

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* The selection reflects the line at the moment the author made the game, the odds at the beginning of this article show the live line movement. Our live odds are available to help you understand how the lines may change.

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