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NFL Week 2 Best Bets: Lions vs. Packers Monday Night Football Picks and Predictions



NFL Week 2 Best Bets: Lions vs. Packers Monday Night Football Tips and Predictions

Jared Goff # 16 of the Detroit Lions. Gregory Shamus / Getty Images / AFP

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers and AFP are aiming to recover from their first 35 point loss in their future Hall of Fame career as quarterbacks. Detroit was the only team that managed to keep Rodgers below eight points in a game, making it three times. Although Rodgers was injured in two of those games, he could still play this match against Detroit, after what was one of the worst season openers for an MVP. Below is my prediction for the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers.

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers

Monday, September 20, 2021 – 8:15 pm EDT at Lambeau Field

Green Bay is an 11.5 point favorite with many of the top sportsbooks for a truly fascinating line of betting. Since 2001, the Packers have lost their season opener by at most 35 points. All five of the first five teams were underdogs, scoring at least seven points in week 2. Only one team (2017 Colts sans Andrew Luck) lost more than 11 points. Here we are with the Packers facing a formidable spread against a division rival that managed to get amazing coverage against the 49ers last Sunday. Is it possible for the Lions to get another win, or can they just keep their kneecaps on the ground?

Green Bay: what was it?

Aaron Rodgers must hate Florida. In Tampa Bay, he had his worst game in his 2020 MVP season. The ad was not in New Orleans, but Jameis Winston was playing in Jacksonville. He could have easily played Tampa Bay in the 38-3 loss. It was his worst game of his career.

It was a stunning defeat against all athletic adversities. Since 2001, the Packers are the only team that has lost a game by 35 points within the first 10 weeks after being in the Conference Championship Game. That was unexpected.

Aaron Rodgers # 12 Green Bay Packers Sam Greenwood / Getty Images / AFP

Rodgers’ MVP season was over in New Orleans. He won the game 37-30 without Davante Adam. Adams was active, but only gained 56 yards. The Packers didn’t pass a single ball in the game. Rodgers still has to miss left tackle David Bakhtiari. However, Sunday’s offensive lines weren’t Swiss-cheese. He was released one time, and the pressure on his arm was not too high. According to the Pro Football Reference, Rodgers had a bad throw in 33.3% of his attempts against the Saints, his worst grade in a game since he was 35.2% against the Lions in 2019. We aren’t used to seeing him throw multiple interceptions.

New Orleans was able to stop the Packers running game, even though they couldn’t get their running game moving. Jameis Winston was able to throw four touchdowns before reaching 100 yards. The game was effectively over when Rodgers threw consecutive interceptions during the third quarter. Winston took a short field for a 24-3 lead.

Rodgers has made us many memorable slogans. Its slow start in 2014 led to “Relax” before winning its second MVP. His 4-6 start in 2016 was enough to make him “run the table”, leading the Packers to their loss in the NFC championship. What’s he got this time? “It’s just a game” It may not be popular.

Although the Packers have lost just nine games under Matt LaFleur, this was their fifth loss. Between losing to Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship Game and week 1 to New Orleans, This is technically the first streak of bad luck in LaFleur’s career. The Packers won at least 15 points every time they beat the Packers 3-0 last year, despite having lost three times. He has demonstrated that he can rally the troops and get on with the next game.

Rodgers will be all eyes in this situation. This seems like the perfect place for Rodgers, to dominate and win easily over a team likely to be the worst. After a loss of 41:17 at home by the 49ers, the Detroit team was covered at 41.33.

Since 2014, Rodgers has played against Detroit 12 times and only won once by more than 10 points: 42-21 last year in Green Bay. While Matthew Stafford is now the Detroit quarterback, Jared Goff is Rodgers’s new quarterback. Rodgers also beat Goff 32-18 during the playoffs, with a Los Angeles team that was much better than Goff in January. What if Rodgers’ last dance was in 2020?

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With this spread we are asking Green Bay to go from a loss of 35 points to a gain of at least 12 points to cover it. Only 16 (13.8%) of the last 116 NFL team’s that had lost by at least 35 points won their next match by 12 or more. Green Bay is not the only team that has seen double digits after being so badly beaten. Both teams finished 4-0 SU and 2-2 ATS.

Detroit was able to show some fighting Sunday, something that the Packers failed to do on Sunday. They also have enough weapons on offense for much of the game. After such a disappointing week 1, I believe the spread is too high to win Green Bay. While I wholeheartedly expect Rodgers to shine and win this game, I’ll hedge my NFL bets and get the Lions back in cover.

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Leo +11.5(-110)

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