Next Pope Odds Suggest The Election Of Minority For 1st Time

Image of Pope Francis in a wheelchair betting on the next papal odds

Speculation about Pope Francis’ possible resignation due to ongoing health issues linked to a nerve problem in his knee has been rife.

The condition has forced Pope Francis, now 85, to use a wheelchair, and the cancellation of a number of recent trips has many expecting his reign to end soon.

Pope Francis dismissed all retirement concerns in late June when he announced his intention to continue his ministry, although there could be various possibilities as to when his papacy will end.

“I want to live my mission as long as God allows me, and that’s it.”

Pope Francis

Legal entertainment betting sites have weighed odds for the next pope from a group of cardinals, bishops and priests who are eligible for the office.

Next Pope Odds

  • Mark Ouellet +400
  • Luis Antonio Tagle +400
  • Peter Turkson +400
  • Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga +500
  • Christoph Schoenborn +750
  • Raymond Leo Burke +750
  • Angelo De Donatis +1000
  • Angelo Scola +750
  • Sean Patrick O’Malley +1000
  • Timothy Dolan +1000
  • Pietro Parolin +1200
  • Peter Earth +1400
  • Odilo Pedro Scherer +1400
  • Gianfranco Ravasi +1400
  • Mauro Piacenza +1400
  • Robert Sarah +1400
  • Matteo Zuppi +1600
  • João Braz de Aviz +1800
  • Wilfred Napier +1800
  • Dominik Duka +2000
  • Gerhard Ludwig Mueller +2200
  • Malcolm Ranjith +2500
  • Mario Grech +3000
  • Willem Eijk +3300
  • Angelo Bagnasco +4000
  • Carlos Aguiar Retes +4000
  • Fernando Filoni +4000
  • Charles Maung Bo +4000
  • Vincent Nichols +1400
  • Leonardo Sandri +1600
  • Agostino Vallini +1600
  • Antonio Canizares Llovera +2200
  • Vinko Puljic +2200

There’s a three-way tie at the top and a fourth coming close behind, creating a clearly defined top four that’s separate from the rest of the pack.

Cardinal Bishop Mark Ouellet is currently 78 years old, which is three years past the usual retirement date of 75. Pope Francis may want to choose a slightly younger successor to ensure his influence continues into the next generation.

One intriguing possibility is Cardinal Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle, who would become the first Asian pope and is relatively young at 65. Even if current entertainment bets place him at the top of the odds, Luis Antonio Tagle will still deliver 4-to-1 net payouts once he is elected the next pope.

Cardinal Priest Peter Turkson would be the first African American ever to rise to the rank of Pope. He’s 73, so there’s not much prospect of longevity, but he seems to be following the modern views of Pope Francis.

Cardinal priest Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga from Honduras lands just behind the top three. At 79, his age may put him on the backup shortlist, but for now he has a fighting shot at climbing the ranks.

There are also odds for current events bets that ask what the papal name of the next pope will be.

What will the papal name of the next pope be?

  • Franz +300
  • lion +300
  • Pius +400
  • John +400
  • Gregory +700
  • Benedict +700
  • Paul +900
  • Clement +1000
  • John Paul +1000
  • Stephen +1200
  • Boniface +1200
  • Innocent / Blessed Innocent +1200
  • Joseph / Josephus +1500
  • Alexander +1500
  • Celestine +2200
  • Urban / Blessed Urban +220

Although the process is shrouded in some mystery, it is believed that new popes are allowed to take their own name, often choosing that of a former pope, which most closely matches their ideology.

If the papal quotas above are correct, then the current pope has much influence as his name is expected to be reused by the next to fill his position. Leo, Pius and Paul are also in the running.

If you are interested in betting on the next pope, do so now because these odds have been known to disappear quickly.

Pope Betting Odds: BetUS

Source: CBN

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