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NCAA Tournament Second Round Picks for Monday



Selection of the second round of the NCAA tournament for Monday

We have March Madness on a Monday for the final games of the second round of the NCAA tournament. These two bets are for the most close predicted games on the board.

Colorado Buffalo vs. Florida State Seminoles

Monday, March 22, 2021 – 7:45 p.m. EST at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum

The Pac-12 has looked dominant this season, with UCLA, Oregon State, USC, and Oregon still in action. Colorado was the top-seeded team in the tournament. They’ll be taking on a team representing the rest of ACC, Florida State.

The matchup

The Seminoles have an effective field goal percentage of 54.3 percent, and while flipping the ball at high speed, they are one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the nation at 35.1 percent. This team is able to shoot it from depth. They are able to shoot 38.3% from long distance and hit 52.6 percent of their shots inside. Florida State’s foul line shooting is 73.6 percent, which will be a little higher than average.

The Seminoles run a quick offense, and If they can take Colorado by surprise early on, they’ll get some high quality looks. Colorado’s opponents used a lot more clock per possession this season. Florida State is able to run its offensive half field, but it can’t be too happy for an easy look.

Florida State’s effective field goal percentage is 46.1 percent. That’s 26. Florida State is the biggest team in the country but they have struggled defensively and fouled at an alarming rate this season. Florida State was the dominant team in glass against UNC Greensboro, with 33 defensive rebound and a tight defense.

Florida State SeminolesAnthony Polite #2 reacts to MJ Walker #23 of the Florida State Seminoles. Photo by Sarah Stier / Getty Images / AFP

Colorado is pretty big as a team too, and they did some solid things on offense too. The Buffaloes are able to shoot 52.8 percent effective field goals, and they can knock down 36.7 percent of the threes. Colorado is having some difficulties here. It’s a dangerous area to defend Florida.

Florida State must limit fouls as the Buffaloes currently shoot 82.3 percent above the foul line. Sales will be another challenge for the Buffaloes. Florida State enforces above average sales in defense.

The selection

I like the Florida State defense inside the arc, and I think the Seminoles are taking more shots from around the area. They should avoid laziness and minimize ball losses, but they have the ability to play more disciplined with Leonard Hamilton as their coach. You can win at the best betting websites by backing the Seminoles.

CBB selection: Florida State -120 via BetOnline (visit our BetOnline review)

State of Florida(-120)

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USC Trojans vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Monday, March 22, 2021 – 9:40 p.m. EST at the Hinkle Fieldhouse

Kansas begins returning players from the COVID-19 logs and Jalen Wilson is expected to return to the team this morning in a game they need to win.

The matchup

The Kansas Jayhawks will face the USC Trojans in a six-on-three match, with number three Kansas being an underdog against the six-man USC. Kansas saw David McCormack, who had been absent for 11 days during the first round NCAA tournament. Jalen Wilson should now be back, but it is not clear how many minutes he will play.

Kansas is a dangerous team when it’s healthy. Kansas is ranked 10th in defensive efficiency, which is a significant improvement on the USC ranking of 8. Kansas has a 47% effective field goal percentage, which is well above the national average of just 20 per game. The Jayhawks are a good defensive team and will face a tough challenge against USC, who are elite rebounders and top-notch offensively.

Kansas JayhawksOchai Agbaji #30 and David McCormack#33 of the Kansas Jayhawks. Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images / AFP

Kansas has closed its opponents to 32.7 percent from three and 46.4 percent from a distance. They have few fouls but it may not be a bad idea for USC to play. They are currently shooting 64.5 percent off their charity streak.

The Jayhawks have a field goal percentage of 50% and cap sales well. Sales shouldn’t be a problem against USC, but shooting, especially inside, could be. Kansas has a 34% shooting percentage from three, and a 49% shooting percentage from within. USC’s defense allows for 41.7 percent in the arc and 34% at three.

Kansas needs to be able to score from long distances. The way USC has protected the perimeter makes it likely that they can, after scoring many goals in the first match against Eastern Washington.

USC has an effective field goal percentage at 52.2 percent. They are also great on the offensive boards. They shoot 34.7 percent from three and 52.3 percent from the inside, but Kansas can stay defensive. While they’re not as efficient as USC at defending inside, Kansas is much more adept at protecting the perimeter and can stop at a defensive disk. It’s up to you to learn from your mistakes.

USC plays very well defensively and limits fouls. It takes 18.4 seconds for teams to get possession of the ball. This is one of the fastest rates in college basketball.

March madness

The selection

This will be a slow game between two incredible defenses. Kansas has more offensive firepower that USC and Wilson’s return should help in the fight against the Mobley brothers.

CBB selection: Kansas (+105) via Heritage Sports (visit our Heritage Sports Review)


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