NBA free agency 2023: Christian Wood, Grant Williams headline top players remaining towards the end of Day 2

Christian Wood

The first day of free agency was, as always, a whirlwind. We’ve handed out 39 instant marks for various transfers and signings, along with play-by-play rankings for all 30 teams.

There will be plenty more signings to come as free agency continues, and there are a handful of high-profile names yet to be signed.

Here are the top players remaining as Day 2 draws to a close.

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The NBA Free Agency’s top remaining players in 2023

1. Christian Wood | Status: Full free agent

The Mavericks are expected to release Wood as a free agent. He’s a good 3-pointer, but his undisciplined defense limited his minutes.

2. Grant Williams | Status: Restricted free agent

The Celtics may not be able to afford to keep Williams, who is a hardened defender and capable 3-point shooter.

3. PJ Washington | Status: Restricted free agent

Washington is a good 3-point shooter and rebounder. He has some defensive problems.

Kelly Oubre Jr Charlotte Hornets

4. Kelly Oubre Jr | Status: Full free agent

Oubre is a good scorer with little instinct and poor defense. But teams always need offense.

5. Dario Saric | Status: Full free agent

Saric played well for the Thunder after being acquired in a midseason trade. He is an intelligent player with some athletic limitations.

6.Lonnie Walker IV | Status: Full free agent

Walker put in a strong showing in the playoffs, showing teams he can shoot the ball well.

7. Eric Gordon | Status: Full free agent

Gordon is a 15-year veteran who can still shoot at high speeds. His 37 percent out of 3 last year was right up his career odds.

8.Malik Beasley | Status: team option

Beasley is a voluminous 3-point shooter with defensive problems.

Mason Plumlee

9. Mason Plumlee | Status: Full free agent

Plumlee is a good backup center that doesn’t make many mistakes. However, he is very limited in terms of his shooting skills.

10.Paul Reed| Status: Restricted free agent

A good athlete and shot blocker, Reed has struggled to find a place in Doc Rivers’ rotation.

11. Matisse Thybulle | Status: Restricted free agent

Thybulle is a great defender who is a permanent contender for all-defense teams. He became a much better shot, hitting 37 percent of his three-pointers last season. But teams still leave him open, and he needs to let them fly more often to be playable.

12. Ayo Dosunmu | Status: Restricted free agent

The Bulls made Dosunmu a qualifying offer, allowing them to accept any other team’s offer for the 23-year-old. But it’s still possible for Dosunmu to leave Chicago this offseason for the right offer.

The two-year-old point guard started in 51 games last season, averaging 8.6 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game. He’s struggled with his three-point shooting this year, but he’s a good defender with a lot of room to grow.

13. Kendrick Nunn | Status: Restricted free agent

Nunn did not play two seasons ago with a badly bruised bone and was slow to recover from the injury last season. But his game picked up significantly after he was traded to the Wizards. He is a good goalscorer and shot designer.

14. Cory Joseph | Status: Full free agent

Joseph is a 12-year veteran who has lived in Detroit for the past two and a half seasons. He’s a good shot and a decent defender.

15.Torrey Craig | Status: Full free agent

Craig is a good defender and a respectable 3-point threat, shooting 40 percent from long range last season. He also has a position size of 1.90 meters. Aside from the catch-and-shoot jumps, he’s limited as a goalscorer and is a little reluctant to shoot them, but he’s a decent 3-and-D winger who started 60 games for the Suns last season .

16 Mon Bamba | Status: Full free agent

Bamba is a good shot blocker and 3-point shooter but has low feel on the court. The Lakers waived Bamba but could attempt to bring him back for a price lower than the $10.3 million they owed him.

17. Aaron Holiday | Status: Full free agent

Holiday is a good defender, hitting 41 percent of his three-pointers last season. While he tends to make mistakes on the pitch, he can be useful as a limited substitute.

Javonte Green

18. Javonte Green | Status: Restricted free agent

Green is an energy wing from the bench. He’s a dangerous defensive player who’s adept at making saves, and his athleticism allows him to dunk. He’s an improved 3-pointer and has a 37 percent hit rate compared to 3 last year, but he’s very reluctant to let them fly.

19.Terence Davis | Status: Full free agent

Davis is a good scorer with a reach of 3. He’s also a nice athlete who tries hard on defense but doesn’t have great technique.

20. Montrezl Harrell | Status: Full free agent

Somehow Harrell is still only 29 years old. He’s still a pretty good goalscorer with terrible defence. He could be a good points and energy option for someone off the bench.

21. YesMychal Green | Status: Full free agent

Green is a stretch small-ball five who can defend multiple positions and has hit 37 percent of his three-pointers in his career. He was unplayable for most of the Warriors’ postseason, but he can gobble up minutes for a team during the regular season when he’s not a substitute.

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