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Mississippi State vs. Kentucky: NCAA Basketball Picks and Predictions



Mississippi State vs. Kentucky: NCAA Basketball Picks and Predictions

Olivier Sarr # 30 of the Kentucky Wildcats collides with Wildens Leveque # 15 of the South Carolina Gamecocks. Silas Walker / Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats must win the SEC tournament to do the big dance, but they must get past Mississippi State first. These are our top tips and betting strategies for the SEC tournament matchup.

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Thursday, March 11, 2021 – 12:00 PM EST at the Bridgestone Arena

Kentucky is of a high standard. Even though Anthony Davis hasn’t won a national title in his college career, the fans still expect him to be successful and have the chance of winning every championship. The Wildcats had a poor year.

Kentucky needed a miracle to make it to the NCAA tournament due to its poor performance outside the conference. The conference didn’t allow you to make it so you will need to win in order to qualify for an automatic bid.

Kentucky must defeat Mississippi State before we can start looking forward to the next round. Kentucky has a chance to win the round with a score of around 3.5 points according to NCAAB. However, it’s difficult to trust the Kentucky Wildcats this year. Here are some highlights from each team.

Cover Key for Kentucky

In the past, Kentucky relied on its ability to dominate color. In 2021, that was far from reality. Their two-point field goal percentage is the lowest in the SEC. This is far below what they are used to. While it is too late for them to make a complete change, at least they have to work harder in this game.

Kentucky was large, but it was also volatile. You can’t rely on a light-out performance to wear them, so You have to start by attacking and getting shots into the paint. This is how you win the game from within.

Although the Wildcats have a good record of rebounding and defense, they don’t force too many turnovers. This game requires you to use your speed and generate steals. This will allow them to keep a simple look throughout the transition. It will also make everything fit together, which is key to betting on sports.

Kentucky is a very solid team. They are more than their record shows. They showed their fans that they are capable of taking small steps. You just need to bring it all together for the SEC Tournament. While winning the color is important, they cannot forget what they did well.

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Mississippi state key to cover

To analyze the state of Mississippi, you need to first look at what is really ahead of them. This Kentucky team is poised to be the most disappointing of all time, and only a SEC championship title will save them.

The Wildcats will do everything they can to win. Kentucky must prepare the Bulldogs for their best performance.

They must rely on their back space when they are offensive. They have one of the most offensive teams in the conference so at least one player will be needed to put on a show. While you can’t rely on everyone to play well, one player’s outstanding play will make up for it.

Rebounding is crucial defensively. Kentucky is a big fan of the three, which can lead to many long rebounds. They’ll be in for a long day if the Bulldogs give up second chances.

Mississippi State is known for playing slow against Kentucky. If you can establish the pace, you’ll be in a position to win immediately. If they don’t, their season could end with a loss at the Wildcats.

Time to choose

This SEC tournament is going to be fun. The experience of older teams will not matter in this wild season. It will come down to who is available for the moment.

Kentucky wants to prove that doubters are wrong. Finally, you have to be able to keep your head up. Although they have not been successful this year, they do have the most advantage. The Wildcats will be covering the Sportsbook range when both teams play their best game on Thursday.

Although I doubt we will get the best from Kentucky, I believe it will be sufficient to cover against Mississippi State. This would allow Kentucky to face Alabama. However, they must first deal with the Bulldogs.

NCAAB selection: Kentucky -3.5 (-108) at Heritage Sports (visit our Heritage Sports Review)

Kentucky -3.5(-108)

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