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Maryland Makes Moves To Kick Off Legal Sports Betting This Fall



Sports Legislation in Maryland

Maryland’s sports betting legislation has seen several obstacles since it was passed in 2020. Maryland’s sports betting legislation is still not ready for prime time. Other states have already brought legal sports betting within a matter of months.

Maryland goes ahead

Maryland showed determination at first. The legislation was eventually enforced and Maryland’s officials turned their attention to the seated water ducks. The state is picking up the pace, despite the frustrations of MD residents.

The state has received federal approval to allow tribal casinos to offer sports betting. It also established an online licensing system to speed up the application process.

The state does have restrictions about who can apply for the first round of licensing. However, Maryland sports bettors can expect to start before the end the football season.

The state also has an online portal that allows residents of Maryland to block themselves from gambling before the product hits the market. Pre-existing gambling issues can also be blocked from accessing the online portal before the next wave of sports betting promotions.

Maryland Legal Affairs

It seems Maryland is doing her best to avoid any kind of litigation, moving slowly, and keeping its policies airtight. But, the state may not be able to completely bypass the courts.

Maryland’s recent move not to allow licensed gambling companies, but only approved ones, has created a gap between the state of Maryland and its members.

Some are happy that the log shows a earlier launch date for betting on sports, while others worry about the potential benefits this could bring to gambling giants.

Some argue that if large corporations have exclusive access to betting early, then smaller competitors won’t be able enter the market after the applications are closed again.

Is this true?

However, it is often argued that sports bettors are more concerned about the sportsbook they choose rather than about the winnings.

“We haven’t really seen brand loyalty …[Bettors are] much more concerned about which operator will give them the best promotions. ”- Eric Ramsey, Maryland Sports Analyst

However, this logic cannot apply in the event of a lawsuit in court. No one knows at this time how much this advantage will increase the popularity of major sports betting. However, if the small bookmakers are able to do enough damage to their market side, then the argument could be a strong one.

Maryland has some work ahead of them before they can launch sports betting. Although the state is entirely responsible for delays, residents will be able to place Super Bowl bets that have been authorized by the state in the coming months.

Source: Maryland Matters

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