Little League World Series scores 2022: Updated bracket, results, how to watch LLWS games live

little league world series scores 2022: updated bracket, results, how

Baseball is at its purest in Williamsport. That’s evident from the number of people who crowd the hills overlooking Lamade Stadium hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the best young players in the world at the Little League World Series.

This year’s competition is unlike any other. The group has expanded to 20 teams, four more than in previous years. That means more memorable home runs, more web jewels, and more baseball than ever.

This year’s tournament gains even more significance considering that it is the first time since 2019 that international teams will take part.

For all these reasons and many more, this year’s Little League World Series looks set to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. The Sporting News will follow it throughout and detail the standout moments.

So feet up and done. Here are the latest Little League World Series 2022 results and updates:

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Little League World Series scores today

Sunday 21 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
17 Caribbean 1Europe-Africa 0
18 midwest 10mountain 2 11 clock ESPN
19 Japan vs. Latin America (Locked) 13 o’clock ESPN
20 Metro vs. Mid-Atlantic (postponed) 14 o’clock ABC

Here is the full LLWS live scoreboard.

What channel is the Little League World Series on?

  • Channel: ESPN, ESPN2, ABC
  • Live broadcast: ESPN+, fuboTV

ESPN holds the exclusive broadcast rights to the 2022 Little League World Series, so it will be shown on its networks. The vast majority of games are shown on ESPN, although some games are shown on ESPN2. ABC will host the semifinals and finals of the tournament.

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ESPN has recruited a team of personalities to announce games including Eduardo Perez, Jessica Mendoza, Karl Ravech, Tim Kurkjian and Todd Frazier, among others.

All tournament matches will be streamed on ESPN+ as well as on fuboTV, which offers a free trial.

Little League World Series Bracket 2022

A downloadable version of the tournament class is available in PDF on the Little League World Series official website.

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LLWS results and 2022 schedule

Wednesday 17 August

Game bottom line
1 caribbean 2Latin America 0
2 southeast 5, new england 3
3 canadian 7, Australia 0
4 west 11, northwest 1

Thursday 18 August

Game bottom line
5 Asia Pacific 2Europe-Africa 0
6 Great Lakes 8midwest 7
7 mexico 6, Puerto Rican 1
8th southwest 8, Mid-Atlantic 3

Friday 19 August

Game bottom line
9 panama 9Caribbean 3
10 Southeast 11, mountain 2
11 canadian 6, Japan 0
12 west 12, subway 0

Saturday August 20th

Game bottom line
13 Europe-Africa 12, Australia 7 (Australia eliminated)
14 midwest 6, Northwest 3 (Northwest eliminated)
fifteen latin america 3, Puerto Rico 1 (Puerto Rico eliminated)
16 mid-atlantic 7, New England 5 (New England eliminated)

Sunday 21 August

Game bottom line
17 Caribbean 1Europe-Africa 0 (Eliminate Europe-Africa)
18 midwest 10Mountain 2 (mountain eliminated)
19 Japan vs. Latin America (Locked)
20 Metro vs. Mid-Atlantic (postponed)

Monday 22 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
19 Japan vs. Latin America 10 am. ESPN2
20 Metro vs. Mid-Atlantic 11 clock ESPN
21 Asia Pacific vs. Panama 13 o’clock ESPN
22 Great Lakes vs. Southeast 3 pm ESPN
23 Mexico vs Canada 17 o’clock ESPN
24 southwest versus west 19 o’clock ESPN2

Tuesday 23 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
25 Game 21 loser vs Game 19 winner 13 o’clock ESPN
26 Game 22 loser vs Game 20 winner 3 pm ESPN
27 Game 23 losers against Caribbean 17 o’clock ESPN
28 Play 24 losers against Midwest 19 o’clock ESPN

Wednesday 24 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
29 Game 21 Winner vs. Game 23 Winner 13 o’clock ESPN
30 Game 22 Winner vs Game 24 Winner 3 pm ESPN
31 Game 27 Winner vs Game 25 Winner 17 o’clock ESPN
32 Game 32 winner vs. Game 26 winner 19 o’clock ESPN

Thursday 25 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
33 Game 29 loser vs Game 31 winner 3 pm ESPN
34 Game 30 losers vs. Game 32 winners 19 o’clock ESPN

Saturday 27 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
35 Game 29 winner vs. Game 33 winner 12:30 pm ABC
36 Game 30 Winner vs Game 34 Winner 3:30 p.m ABC

Sunday 28 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
37 (consolation) Game 36 losers vs. Game 35 losers 10 am ESPN
38 (championship) Game 36 Winner vs Game 35 Winner 3 pm ABC

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