Little League Softball World Series schedule: Full bracket, times, channels for every 2022 game

little league softball world series schedule: full bracket, times, channels

The future of softball makes the pilgrimage to Greenville, NC for the 2022 Little League Softball World Series.

Much like its Williamsport baseball counterpart, the tournament has seen some changes since the last time it hosted teams from the United States and abroad.

The most significant of these changes is that the East and West regions have been split into two. Now the East region contains two regions (the Mid-Atlantic region and the New England region), while the West region consists of the Northwest and West regions.

This change allowed 12 teams to compete in this year’s tournament, as opposed to the ten that have competed in the past. More action for those doing the hike to Greenville.

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The tournament tended to be dominated by American teams. An international team has won the competition only once – Puerto Rico in 2001. Despite this, the game continues to grow both domestically and internationally, largely due to the intrigue that arises from watching the iconic softball competition itself.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Little League Softball World Series, including bracket information and the TV schedule.

Little League Softball World Series Bracket 2022

There are 12 teams participating in the Little League Softball World Series 2022. It’s a double-elimination tournament, which means teams still have a chance of reaching the finals if they lose their first game.

The larger bracket is split into two different brackets: the purple bracket and the orange bracket. Teams emerging from the purple and orange brackets then compete against the winner of both elimination brackets to determine which teams will compete for the crown of Little League Softball World Series Champions. The losers of the two semi-finals meet in a consolation match for third place.

Every team that travels to Greenville plays at least three games. You can download a PDF version of the tournament table from the LLSWS official website.

Little League Softball World Series Schedule

The Little League Softball World Series begins August 9th and ends August 15th. 22 games will be played over the course of those seven days, with the final set taking place at Stallings Stadium in Greenville, NC

Here is the full Little League Softball World Series 2022 television schedule with start times and channels for each game:

Tuesday, August 9th

Game Match time (ET) channel
1 Mid-Atlantic 3Central 1 10 am ESPN+
2 southwest 13northwest 4 13 o’clock ESPN+
3 North Carolina to the west 4 p.m ESPN+
4 Asia Pacific vs. Canada 19 o’clock ESPN+

Wednesday 10 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
5 Game 2 winner vs Latin America 10 am ESPN+
6 Mid-Atlantic vs. New England 13 o’clock ESPN+
7 Europe-Africa vs. Game 4 Winner 4 p.m ESPN+
8th Southeast vs. Game 3 Winner 19 o’clock ESPN+

Thursday 11 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
9 Central vs Game 7 losers 10 am ESPN+
10 Game 2 losers vs. Game 8 losers 13 o’clock ESPN+
11 Game 3 losers vs. Game 5 losers 4 p.m ESPN+
12 Game 4 losers vs. Game 6 losers 19 o’clock ESPN+

Friday 12 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
13 Game 10 Winner vs Game 11 Winner 10 am ESPN+
14 Game 9 Winner vs Game 12 Winner 13 o’clock ESPN+
fifteen Game 6 Winner vs Game 7 Winner 4 p.m ESPN2
16 Game 5 winner vs. Game 8 winner 19 o’clock ESPNU

Saturday August 13th

Game Match time (ET) channel
17 Game 15 losers vs. Game 14 winners 13 o’clock ESPN2
18 Game 16 losers vs. Game 13 winners 4 p.m ESPN2

Sunday 14 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
19 Semifinals: Game 16 winner vs. Game 18 winner 13 o’clock ESPN
20 Semifinals: Game 15 winner vs. Game 17 winner 4 p.m ESPN

Monday 15 August

Game Match time (ET) channel
21 Third place match: Game 19 losers vs. Game 20 losers 4 p.m ESPN
22 Finals: Game 19 Winner vs. Game 20 Winner 19 o’clock ESPN

How to watch the Little League Softball World Series

  • TV channel: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU
  • Live broadcast: ESPN+, fuboTV

The Little League Softball World Series is broadcast across a variety of ESPN networks including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU.

Cable cutters also have a few options including ESPN+ (which broadcasts every game) and fuboTV which airs the games on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU and offers a free trial.

Little League Softball World Series teams, rosters

Twelve teams are competing in the 2022 Little League Softball World Series. Eight are from the United States while four are international teams. This is the first tournament in which international teams participate since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are the teams participating in the 2022 Little League Softball World Series:

Purple bracket

region team location
mid-atlantic Delmar Little League Delmar, Maryland
Central Daniel Boone Little League Columbia, Missouri
New England Milford Little League Milford, Connecticut
Canada St Albert Softball Little League Alberta, British Columbia, Canada
Europe-Africa Little League of Emilia Romagna Bologna, Italy
Asia Pacific Negros Occidental Little League Bacolod City, Philippines

Orange bracket

region team location
South East Chesterfield Little League Chesterfield, Virginia
North Carolina (hosts) Pitt County Girls Softball Little League Winterville, North Carolina
northwest Issaquah Little League Issaquah, Washington
southwest Little league halfway Hewitt, Texas
west Little League of La Verne La Verne, California
Latin America Guayarma Softball Little League Guayarmá, Puerto Rico

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