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How To Fund Your Very First Bet In Time For Thursday Night Football



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Well, it’s Thursday again.

It’s Thursday Night Football, which means that it’s Thursday again.

At least, almost.

Just get through your work day.


In any case, this is how the game plays out on the odds boards at the best NFL sportsbooks online:

Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

Via Bovada Sports Betting

  • Just: Panthers -420, Texans +315
  • Spread: Panthers -8.0 (-115), Texans +8.0 (-105)
  • Total: 43.0 (-110)

About BetOnline Sports Betting

  • Just: Panthers -410, Texans +330
  • Spread: Panthers -7.5 (-123), Texans +7.5 (+103)
  • Total: 43.0 (-110)

About MyBookie Sports Betting

  • Just: Panthers -420, Texans +320
  • Spread: Panthers -9.0 (+100), Texans +9.0 (-120)
  • Total: 43.0 (-110)

About BetUS Sports Betting

  • Just: Panthers -400, Texans +320
  • Spread: Panthers -8.0 (-110), Texans +8.0 (-110)
  • Total: 43.0 (-110)

About Xbet Sports Betting

  • Just: Panthers -420, Texans +320
  • Spread: Panthers -9.0 (+100), Texans +9.0 (-120)
  • Total: 43.0 (-110)

About SportsBetting AG Sports Betting

  • Just: Panthers -410, Texans +330
  • Spread: Panthers -7.5 (-123), Texans +7.5 (+103)
  • Total: 43.0 (-110)

Well we are not going to tell you how to bet because this is a really difficult call indeed.

The Panthers defeated the Jets 19-14 in Week 1. The Saints won the second week (Big Deal). Week 2: 26-7

In Week 2, the Saints defeated Green Bay 38-3. This was Aaron Rodgers’ worst loss. It also sent every sports betting company into a red zone.

However, Jameis Winston, New Orleans QB, returned to his great intercepting throw form in Week 2, so it may be wrong to give Carolina too many credit.

The Texans, who decided to place rookie Davis Mills under Center rather than Tyrod Taylor and Deshaun Watson, are an unknown quantity.

In Week 1, they beat the Jaguars 37-21 and lost to Cleveland 31-21.

These teams don’t seem to be very strong, which is why we won’t tell how to place your bets.

(You should bet on the Panthers. Ed.

We want to discuss a larger question, and that is how to choose where to place your bets.

If you’re already an online sportsbettor and have a few favorite sites, you can simply buy the lines and choose the one that offers the most bang for your buck.

If you are new to online sports betting, but you feel pushed by today’s Panthers vs. Texans game, you are welcome to do so!

The only problem is choosing the right book for your first career entry.

While we usually recommend signing up to multiple sportsbooks to achieve the highest scores in a competition, this game is only for tonight so we suggest that you stick with one book.

However, it’s probably not a good idea for you to pick the sports betting site that offers the best odds for your picks.

Remember that different books offer different odds on the same events so it’s impossible to know which book has the best lines every week.

Your choice should be based on which operator offers the most benefits to its members.

Our legal online gambling reviews will provide more insight into this topic.

Bovada is the best option for anyone who doesn’t live in DE, MD or NJ and has never gambled online. BetOnline is the right place to start if you’re from one of these restricted Bovada countries.

But now there is an even bigger question:

How do you get your betting account topped up quickly?

Remember that the game starts at 8:20 p.m. tonight (FOX and NFL Netwoke).

We always recommend betting using cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. We like Litecoin.

However, this will not work if you have already purchased crypto.

If you don’t have crypto, it can take up to 5-10 days to buy your first crypto on one of the major online exchanges. You also only have 5-10 minutes to place your bets.

The Cash app can be used to buy BTC and make deposits.

It is quick enough to top up your account in time for the kickoff. However, this only works if there is already a verified Cash App Account.

Cash App’s KYC is your best chance to trade or buy bitcoin tomorrow, or Saturday.

For tonight and tonight only, we recommend that your initial payments be made via direct debit or credit card.

The UIGEA nonsense can cause a card-based deposit to be declined by your bank. However, there is a chance that it will happen.

Wait for about 15 minutes before trying again.

If that fails, you can always use another card.

For international purchases, you can simply go to a major supermarket or big-box retailer during your lunch break to purchase a Visa gift card prepaid.

It should not be a problem to do this.

Once your account is funded, you can bet on the Game of the Century ™. (Hey, it’s a game, and it’s happening this century, so …)

Just make sure to collect your withdrawal in Bitcoin or any other supported cryptocurrency when it is time to withdraw your withdrawal.

This will give you your crypto without the need to use any major exchanges. You can also cash it out or trade it for other crypto coins if you so desire.

The latter is recommended because the current market downturn means that you can get more crypto coins for your… whatever rhymes to coin.

Have fun with betting.

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