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How Aaron Gordon’s Trade to the Denver Nuggets Impacts NBA Title Odds



How Aaron Gordon's Deal in the Denver Nuggets Affects NBA Title Chances Article Feature Image


Scott Audette / Getty Images. Pictured: Aaron Gordon.

March 25, 2021 at 12:49 PM EDT

The NBA 2021 trading deadline is getting hot! We’re tracking every step on the cut-off date, including the impact on the futures odds that Aaron Gordon allegedly has on his way out of Orlando.

Trade details

The Action Network’s Matt Moore says the Orlando Magic are sending Gordon and Gary Clark to the Denver Nuggets for Gary Harris, rookie RJ Hampton and a 2025 protected first-round pick.

Gary Harris, RJ Hampton and a first round selection for Aaron Gordon to Orlando, per source.

– Hardwood Paroxysm (@HPbasketball) March 25, 2021

Aaron Gordon on Nuggets Analysis

The Nuggets have waited three years to find a deal they can make without jeopardizing their roster or future, and Gordon ticks the bill. Denver’s biggest burden this season has been defense. Gordon offers that and is a great passer and 40% archer behind the bow this season.

The Nuggets needed more size and had found their best lineups with Michael Porter Jr. to be 4. Gordon does much of what Jerami Grant did for the Nuggets last year, and the Nuggets view Gordon as a defensive upgrade.

Gordon probably won’t get them past the (healthy) Lakers, even if it gives them a better chance. But it’ll make her even more impressive in future playoff series and night to night after Gordon settles in. – Matt Moore

How trading affects odds

The Denver Nuggets have improved from 25-1 in winning the NBA title to 20-1 in DraftKings. They are currently sitting behind six teams on the quota board – Lakers, Nets, Clippers, Bucks, 76ers and Jazz.

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