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Expect the Cougars To Cover Big Spread In WCC Semifinals (March 8).



expect the cougars to cover big spread in wcc semifinals

Pepperdine odds+8.5
BYU quotas-8.5
Money line+310/ -390
Over under148.5
Time| TVMonday, 11 :59 p.m. ET | ESPN2
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BYU and Pepperdine will clash in WCC semi-finals on Monday night. BYU could be competing for the NCAA tournament.

Santa Clara was defeated by Pepperdine in the quarterfinals. This brought the Waves’ total to over.500. Pepperdine finished fourth in WCC standings. It was an average season. However, they shared the season series of BYU so they have the potential to surprise.

BYU had a wonderful season, but is now a bit on the bladder according to the latest ESPN bracketology. They are currently projected to be 7-seed. A loss to Pepperdine could mean that it switches to one of its first four games, or even cost them a ticket to the NCAA tournament. The Cougars must win this game to secure their spot in the NCAA tournament, as a likely loss to Gonzaga in the championship game won’t have much of an impact on their résumés.

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Pepperdine is the ball

Pepperdine, along with Gonzaga and BYU were the top offenses in the WCC for the season. The waves averaged 1.03 possessions and I would classify them as average. Although Pepperdine isn’t known for being exceptional, they have no weaknesses. They are fast-paced and ranked 61st nationally according to KenPom. This will allow BYU to get out of their comfort zone, if they can play fast.

In the first encounter, it was a tale of two stories. Pepperdine only managed 0.77 points per possession in the first encounter and was able to shoot over 2.87% from the field. They caused quite a stir by meeting indoors at an even faster pace in the second encounter. But, they don’t have the ability to rely on this because it’s very difficult to score consistently on this BYU defense.

BYU allowed only 0.96 points per possession in the WCC match, as the team was able to defend the entire field. They allowed only 32.3% of the three-point line and 45.4% of the two-point line. They ranked in the top 30 nationally for defensive efficiency according to KenPom. They should be able to keep Pepperdine away from scoring in color consistently, and that will make it an easy road to victory.

When BYU is the ball

The Cougars play a dribbling offensive that relies on their good shooters on ground. They scored an average of 1.12 points per possession in conference play.

With a 39% conversion rate, BYU is the top three-point shooter in the conference. Pepperdine has been able to counter them offensively in two games this season. They shot an average of 11 points from 43 behind the bow. This is due in large part to Pepperdine’s fourth-highest score at 27.6% for defending the three point shot.

The only place the Cougars can score their most points is inside. Hoop-Math reports that BYU is averaging almost 55% from two-point range, and a crazy 67.8% when it comes to shot attempts at the edge. Pepperdine ranks 330th for the maximum two-point percentage and is one of the worst teams when it comes guarding the perimeter. They also allow 64% attempts to touch the rim, so BYU ought to be able score in color at will.

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Betting Analysis & Tips

Although BYU has had a difficult season offensively, I believe they can set the Waves ablaze if they put their efforts into getting the ball in. I think the Waves won’t be able to score consistently internally. This should make BYU more likely to win and cover.

BYU was a -10.97 favourite so I think the Cougars are worth -8.5 (FanDuel).

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