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Santa Claus holds some cash in front of a closed airport because of snow

If you’re hoping for safe travels during the 2022 Christmas holidays, don’t count on it! In fact you can bet on online entertainment sports betting as they have now produced a flood of odds for betting on a plethora of weather related events taking place on December 25th.

Frank Sinatra once offered his opinion on his favorite weather for Christmas with his Christmas classic “Let It Snow,” and Bing Crosby also expressed his opinion on the subject when he sang Irving Berlin’s I’m dreaming of a “White Christmas.” .

What we’re suggesting here – pun intended – is to make it rain for your holiday season by risking a dollar or two on one of the following holiday weather entertainment prop bets.

First up is a list of the major airports in the United States that will host thousands of travelers hoping to catch up with family and friends on Christmas Day.

Will it snow on Christmas day

  • Montreal (Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport) +135
  • New York (JFK Airport) +250
  • Chicago (O’Hare Intl Airport) +250
  • Toronto (Pearson Airport) +250
  • London UK (Heathrow Airport) +700
  • Paris (Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport) +800
  • Denver (Denver Intl. Airport) +1400
  • Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport) +5000

Of course, the northernmost airport leads the betting odds, with Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport holding an odds of +135 for snow. Despite Montreal airport’s almost certain snow forecast, they’re not the most likely hub to cancel a flight at Christmas.

Airport with the most canceled flights on Christmas Day

  • Chicago (O’Hare Intl Airport) +225
  • New York (JFK Airport) +300
  • Orlando (Orlando Intl Airport) +350
  • Denver (Denver Intl. Airport) +400
  • Las Vegas (Harry Reid Intl. Airport) +500
  • Seattle (Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport) +550
  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles Intl Airport) +750
  • Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport) +750

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is most likely to cancel a flight due to inclement December 25 weather conditions. In fact, Montreal is nowhere to be found in the prop above, which is most likely an attempt by the odds makers to make the line more competitive.

The sports betting sites featured in our list of online sports betting reviews have also posted a number of over/under totals prop bets on Christmas Day temperature.

Once again Montreal leads Canadian brother Toronto by 4 degrees with an over/under of 18.5 degrees Fahrenheit on 12/25/22.

Montreal weather Christmas Day

  • Over 18.5 Fahrenheit -120
  • Under 18.5 Fahrenheit -120

Toronto Weather Christmas Day

  • Over 22.5 Fahrenheit -120
  • Under 22.5 Fahrenheit -120

As for the United States of America, the coldest forecasts are currently for Chicago/O’Hare with a weather forecast of 21.5 degrees.

The warmest forecasts for the US are granted to Atlanta, with temperatures expected to remain in the low 40’s.

Atlanta Weather Christmas Day

  • Under 41.5 Fahrenheit -140
  • Over 41.5 Fahrenheit +100

Chicago Weather Christmas Day

  • Over 21.5 Fahrenheit -120
  • Under 21.5 Fahrenheit -120

Denver Christmas weather

  • Over 25.5 Fahrenheit -140
  • Under 25.5 Fahrenheit +100

New York City Weather Christmas Day

  • Over 32.5 Fahrenheit -120
  • Under 32.5 Fahrenheit -120

International travel bets are also published for London, England and Paris, France. Christmas betting odds separate Paris and London by just 2 degrees, with both expected to stay above 40 for the day.

London UK Weather Christmas Day

  • Over 44.5 Fahrenheit -120
  • Under 44.5 Fahrenheit -120

Paris weather on Christmas Day

  • Over 42.5 Fahrenheit -120
  • Under 42.5 Fahrenheit -120

Christmas weather betting odds from BetOnline Sportsbook

Source – The Weather Channel

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