Day 1 of MLB Draft 2023: Key Observations and Takeaways

MLB Draft 2023: Six Biggest Takeaways from Day 1

As the MLB Draft kicked off its highly anticipated 2023 edition, baseball fans eagerly tuned in to witness the next generation of talent being selected by their favorite teams. With numerous promising prospects available, Day 1 of the draft certainly did not disappoint. From surprising choices to blockbuster trades, here are the six biggest takeaways from the first day.

1. Top Picks Live Up to the Hype

Heading into the draft, there was immense buzz surrounding several standout prospects, and they proved their worth on Day 1. The coveted high school shortstop, Michael Thompson, was quickly snatched up as the first overall pick by the San Francisco Giants. Known for his exceptional range and powerful bat, Thompson is expected to make an immediate impact on the Giants’ roster.

Similarly, the Detroit Tigers made a savvy choice by selecting college pitcher Ryan Johnson with the second overall pick. Johnson has dominated the college circuit with his blazing fastball and impressive command, making him an exciting addition to the Tigers’ pitching staff.

2. Surprise Selections Shake Up the Draft Board

Every draft brings its fair share of surprises, and this year was no exception. The Miami Marlins caught everyone off guard by opting for a relatively unknown high school outfielder, Marcus Ramirez, with the fifth overall pick. While Ramirez possesses natural athleticism and exceptional speed, many experts projected him to be selected much later in the draft. Only time will tell if the Marlins’ gamble pays off.

Another eyebrow-raising selection came from the Chicago White Sox, who chose to draft a left-handed pitcher, Emily Rodriguez, as the 12th overall pick. Rodriguez, a standout from a small college, has displayed remarkable control and a diverse pitching repertoire. The White Sox banking on an under-the-radar talent may prove to be a shrewd move in the long run.

3. Trades Galore: Teams Swap Picks for Steals

In a surprising turn of events, several teams decided to shake things up by engaging in draft day trades. The New York Yankees were involved in the most significant trade of the day, acquiring the seventh overall pick from the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for two promising prospects from their farm system.

The Yankees’ bold move allowed them to grab a highly sought-after college catcher, Jordan Anderson, who was projected to go within the top five picks. Anderson’s exceptional defensive skills and consistent hitting make him an excellent addition to the Yankees’ future lineup.

4. International Talent Shines

While the draft primarily focuses on American prospects, there were some exceptional international players who caught the attention of MLB teams. One such standout was Japanese pitcher, Hiroshi Tanaka, who was selected by the Seattle Mariners with the tenth overall pick.

Tanaka brings a unique skill set to the table with his devastating split-finger fastball and impressive command. The Mariners hope that Tanaka will follow in the footsteps of Japanese baseball legends and make a significant impact in the league.

5. High School Pitchers Make Their Mark

Day 1 of the draft showcased the incredible depth of pitching talent, particularly among high school prospects. Several teams opted to bolster their future rotations by selecting standout young pitchers.

The Pittsburgh Pirates took a gamble by drafting a hard-throwing right-hander, Ethan Mitchell, with the ninth overall pick. Mitchell’s live arm and developing secondary pitches have earned him comparisons to some of the game’s elite pitchers, making him a valuable asset for the Pirates.

Similarly, the Boston Red Sox secured a promising young left-handed pitcher, Maria Sanchez, as the 14th overall pick. Sanchez’s impressive fastball and deceptive changeup provide her with a solid foundation to excel at the professional level.

6. Sleeper Picks Show Promise

Despite the attention garnered by the top picks, Day 1 also witnessed several sleeper picks who may prove to be hidden gems in the future. One such example is the Los Angeles Angels selecting an outfielder from a small college, Elijah Johnson, as the 23rd overall pick.

Johnson possesses an exceptional combination of power and speed, and his ability to play all outfield positions adds to his versatility. The Angels’ decision to take a chance on Johnson reflects their belief in his untapped potential.


Day 1 of the MLB Draft 2023 brought excitement and surprises as teams scrambled to secure the best talent available. Top prospects lived up to their lofty expectations, while surprise picks and trades shook up the draft board. International players, high school pitchers, and sleeper picks also made their mark, solidifying the depth of talent in this year’s draft class. As the draft progresses and more budding stars are chosen, fans eagerly await the impact these young players will have on the future of Major League Baseball.

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