Bet On MrBeast Odds To Reach 100 Million YouTube Subscribers By 2023

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  • The betting odds favor over 100 million YouTube subscribers for MrBeast as of 1/1/23
  • MrBeast currently has 97.8 million subscribers on YouTube

If you’ve never heard of popular YouTube content creator MrBeast, you belong to a shrinking minority who have yet to experience the good-natured fun or witness millions of dollars being dished out to unsuspecting people just doing their business pursue on the street or when streaming online.

Whether he’s selling tons of cars for $1 each, or recreating every single set from Squid Game and handing the winner a big stack of cash, MrBeast’s YouTube videos captivate viewers of all ages and also inspire because of the potential to win lots winning money and the numerous charities that are an important part of MrBeast’s content.

At the moment, MrBeast has 97.8 million subscribers on YouTube. If you haven’t already, subscribe to his channel using the link at the bottom of this article as he often invites contestants from his follower pool to his online game shows.

Entertainment betting sites have offered prop bets in the past asking whether or not MrBeast will eclipse a million subscribers. Currently, Bovada.LV has the following MrBeast bet line asking the same question and the odds strongly favor an outcome where he easily surpasses 100 million subscribers.

Will MrBeast have over 100 million YouTube subscribers by January 1st, 2023?

While entertainment betting and betting odds in general are primarily influenced by the betting activity of the gambling public, lines are also incredibly accurate when it comes to predicting outcomes.

However, MrBeast’s -1600 intrinsic converts to 94% chances of breaking 100 million subscribers on his YouTube channel before New Year’s Day 2023.

Currently, Bovada has set a deadline of July 12, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. to change the above MrBeast betting odds. That may or may not mean the line will be removed at this point, but for entertainment players looking to take part in these odds don’t hesitate.

MrBeast is not just limited to YouTube and other social media platforms. He has also become a restaurateur with his chain of MrBeast burger franchises popping up across the United States.

These pickup and delivery-only burger restaurants function as ghost kitchens housed in pre-existing stores, offering menu items exclusive to MrBeast Burger, complete with their own branding.

There are burgers named after each of MrBeast’s main characters, and the quality is exceptional, often far better than the dishes offered by the restaurant that houses the ghost kitchen.

With his weekly online content, the MrBeast Burgers chain and online sportsbooks like Bovada.LV offering betting lines on his activities, it’s easy to predict an outcome where he will add another 3+ million subscribers within the next 5 months adds to his ranks at YouTube.

The only question is when that threshold is crossed and whether or not online entertainment gamblers have placed a bet on the correct side of odds for current events betting.

MrBeast betting odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Source: MrBeast YouTube Channel, MrBeast Burger Official Website

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