American Idol Odds Project Leah Marlene As The Winner Of Season 20

Image of Leah Marlene, favorite to win the American Idol 20 odds

  • The American Idol season 20 finale airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC
  • Leah Marlene Named Favorite for American Idol 20
  • Bet now on American Idol at BetOnline and MyBookie

This Sunday marks the conclusion of American Idol Season 20, giving a new champion the opportunity to take their talents to the next level.

The final three candidates are in, prompting online sportsbooks to post odds for American Idol Season 20 bets. American Idol odds have been hard to come by for most of the season, but now with the finals just two days away, more than one book has chosen to enter.

Both BetOnline and MyBookie have each created odds for the American Idol finale favoring Leah Marlene to win the Ultimate Season 20 prize.

American Idol Season 20 Odds – BetOnline

  • Leah Marlene +125
  • Noah Thompson+180
  • Huntress +225

American Idol Season 20 Betting Odds – MyBookie

  • Leah Marlene +120
  • Noah Thompson+180
  • Huntress +250

Although both online sports betting sites have produced very similar American Idol odds, there is still plenty of room to look for the best sports betting payouts.

While Noah Thompson’s odds remain unchanged, Leah Marlene and HunterGirl have differences of 5 and 25 points, respectively, in their current moneylines.

Entertainment players who want to bet on HunterGirl to win American Idol Season 20 should do so at MyBookie as it offers the highest payout potential.

Staking $1 at HunterGirl will net bettors a $2.50 return at MyBookie as opposed to $2.25 at BetOnline for the same risk.

American Idol bettors who believe Leah Marlene will live up to her preferred status and win Season 20 should place their action with BetOnline. Five more cents per dollar can be earned by making your entertainment bets with BetOnline for Leah Marlene as opposed to MyBookie.

The production of American Idol betting odds is a welcome sight as they are so rarely released despite the reality TV show’s enduring popularity.

Of course, the best way to successfully bet on American Idol contestants is to keep up with the show. Even if you haven’t seen any episodes, you can rate each contestant’s overall talent in minutes by watching the videos below.

The best performances of American Idol season 20

Leah Marlene – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

HunterGirl – Girl crush

Noah Thompson – Laborer

Once you’ve watched the above three videos for a refresher, head over to BetOnline or MyBookie and put some action on the singer you think will win it all this Sunday night.

Make sure you place your American Idol bets ahead of the performance as there is no guarantee they will stay on the boards until the winner is announced. Much luck!

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