5 Unbreakable MLB All-Star Game Records — and 1 Potential Challenger

5 MLB All-Star Game Records That Will Never Be Broken — and 1 That Might

Over the years, the MLB All-Star Game has witnessed some remarkable accomplishments on the field. From breathtaking performances to record-breaking displays of skill, these games have produced moments that will forever be etched in baseball history. While many records have been set and broken, some seem destined to remain unchallenged. In this article, we will explore five MLB All-Star Game records that are likely to stand the test of time, and one record that just might be broken in the future.

All-Time Batting Average: Ted Williams

In the realm of hitting, one record that appears near-impossible to surpass is Ted Williams’ all-time batting average in the All-Star Game. The Boston Red Sox legend boasted an incredible .500 average throughout his 18 All-Star Game appearances. Such consistency and success against the best pitchers of his era are unparalleled and highly unlikely to be replicated in modern times.

Most Home Runs in a Single Game: Johnny Mize and Aramis Ramirez

Two sluggers, Johnny Mize and Aramis Ramirez, share the record for the most home runs in a single All-Star Game, with each hitting two long balls during their respective outings. While numerous players have come close to this feat in recent years, the combination of dominant pitcher performances and limited plate appearances make it a monumental challenge to hit three or more home runs in a single game, making this record highly secure.

Most Career Hits: Stan Musial

Stan Musial, a legend of the St. Louis Cardinals, amassed a remarkable 20 hits over his 24 All-Star Game appearances. This consistency and longevity are extraordinary, especially considering the increasing specialization and limited playing time in the modern era of baseball. An active player would have to participate in the All-Star Game for over two decades and maintain an incredibly high level of performance to even come close to challenging Musial’s record.

Most Stolen Bases in a Single Game: Willie Mays

Willie Mays’ record of three stolen bases in a single All-Star Game showcases his incredible combination of speed, base-running intelligence, and fearless aggression. While several players have come close to tying this record, the tendency to prioritize power hitting over stealing bases in modern baseball makes it improbable for anyone to surpass Mays’ impressive feat.

Most Career Strikeouts: Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson, famously known as Mr. October, holds the record for the most career strikeouts in the All-Star Game, with 25 strikeouts over his 14 appearances. This record is unlikely to be broken due to the evolving style of play in baseball, with an increased emphasis on contact hitting and reducing strikeouts. Additionally, players today tend to have more limited playing time in All-Star Games, further diminishing the chances of surpassing Jackson’s mark.

A Record That Might Be Broken: Most Appearances by a Pitcher

While many All-Star Game records appear unassailable, the record for the most appearances by a pitcher is one that could potentially be broken. Mariano Rivera, the legendary New York Yankees closer, holds the record with 13 appearances. However, with the modern trend of stellar relief pitchers, teams utilizing bullpen games, and players having longer careers, it is not inconceivable to see a future reliever surpassing Rivera’s mark. With the right combination of talent, durability, and opportunity, this record might be within reach for an exceptional closer.


The MLB All-Star Game has witnessed countless memorable performances, creating records that continue to awe baseball fans. While some records in batting average, home runs, stolen bases, and strikeouts appear invincible, the evolution of the game may present future players with opportunities to create new records. As baseball continues to evolve, it is inevitable that new stars will emerge and potentially etch their names in the annals of All-Star Game history. Nevertheless, the records mentioned in this article stand tall as exceptional achievements that will be talked about for generations to come.

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