Myth # 6: Experienced Handicapping Services

Many sports investors question the benefit of seeking professional handicapping services for guidance. Since data is openly accessible, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend the merit of a professional service.

Truth be said, it’s practically impossible to gain a competitive edge, much less make use of sports-book odds for a profit, without devoting many hours to the profession. Working with a professional handicapper for sports investing most resembles working with a stock broker while at the same time creating a financial portfolio. Despite the fact that information is openly accessible, time and professional experience to give expert systems value.

Some of the most complicated issue regarding using professional handicapping services is the plethora of fraudulent services in the market. The secret to discovering financial success using an expert handicapper is differentiating trusted handicapping services from money-stealing scams.

Watch out for services that offer “guarantees” picks. Remember, free cheese only is present in the mousetrap!

Certain guarantees from handicapping services provide the illusion of credibility, but many are built into the scam. As an example, a promotion of an extra week of service if the user fails to generate a profit is barely a guarantee in any way. A guarantee for an extra week of a faulty product only multiplies your losses in the end, while the handicapping service scheme keeps all payments. The only legitimate guarantee is for your money back, and even then you’ve lost your investment on whatever picks the losing service has generated for you. In the end, winning is the only thing that matters with a handicapping service.

The secret to winning in sports investing is establishing long-term goals, making use of appropriate money management, and acquiring the guidance of a winning handicapper. Winning is what sports investing is all about. With tough work, self-control, money management, and some luck, sports betting can be an exciting and lucrative form of investment. Stay clear of the tricks of fraudulent services and find a winning handicapper!