Myth # 8: Fully-Automated Gambling

Fully-automated betting is a popular myth within the sports investing community. The idea requires robotic betting systems that repeatedly spit out profits each week.

Fully-automated betting is the lazy man’s dream. Just place money into a sports-book account, “attach” a robot via advanced software, and let the software place winning wagers for you. Via this marvelous system, a gambler doesn’t really need to analyze games or think. The end user needs only to check their account once a week and hit the “take out profits button”. Many rip-offs bait accounts into their trap using this trick.

Computer algorithms can possibly be one helpful parameter for sports investing, but fall short when they go unfiltered. Without research relying on a robot to make bets for you is a dangerous strategy. Sports-books adjust odds and lines to ensure profits, and computerized systems with finite bankrolls fail as a result.

Z-Code predictions stem from a consolidation of expert opinions and computerized breakdown. Within the multi-parameter Z-Code system, the responsibility of money management, which picks to follow and how will always be with the individual sports investor. Expert advice is an equally important component to the tested success of the Z-Code system. To rely solely on a robotic system and trend breakdown is a recipe for disappointment against sports-books. In the long run, fully-automated betting is like a hammer with an electricity power cord.