Myth #4: Stress About Daily Losses

Temporary losses are inherent with even the most successful sports forecasting systems. By worrying about daily losses and allowing small losses to influence money management techniques, a sports investor jeopardizes the long-term profit of a winning system.

Every system comes with losses along the way. Worrying about losses will only hurt earnings. Whenever you get worried, you’ll be tempted to leap off the wagon at the worst time and lose winning picks that happen after any draw-down with a tried and tested system. Keep in mind, after every rain shower comes the sun.

A good handicapper should be straightforward with documented and verifiable profits in a winning system. Adhering to a good handicapper’s system resembles a long flight because there may be some turbulence in the process. By enduring temporary losses with smart money management strategies, long-term profits are shielded in a winning system. When you follow a good handicapper, trust in their proven system and constantly consider results with a long-term scope. Don’t expect the system to be profitable each week, but assess profits on a monthly or season-to-season basis. Stick to the rules and win.