Myth # 9: The Trend Can Be Your Friend with a Knife

In the current era of sports, you can discover a trend to support pretty much anything. Sports prediction experts preview writers love to use obscure trends for perceived credibility, while sports-books offer trends to bettors to influence and support their wagers. Many trends are dated and pointless, and wading through erroneous data will go a long way in the direction of effective trend analysis.

Which trends are really appropriate? How much time before a trend can no longer be relied on? Can trends be relied on regardless of how intelligent they sound when players, coaches, and situations are constantly changing for every team?

When it comes to hockey, for instance, a prevalent trend is the quality of a goaltender against a given team over the course of their career. These types of trends continually appear despite swapping rosters, even when a goaltender has changed teams. Exactly how relevant is a goalie’s lifetime success when he plays for a new team and both rosters are drastically different?

Even recent trends can be managed to assistance both parties of a wager.

Handicapper A gets a gut feeling that the Detroit Red Wings Vs Chicago Black Hawks total score will go OVER.

His bookie mores than happy to provide trend analysis to support his leanings:

The total score has gone OVER in 4 of Chicago’s last 6 games.

The total has gone OVER in 8 of Chicago’s previous 10 games on the road.

Delighted that trends support his bet, Handicapper A concludes his research and bets with peace of mind.

Handicapper B gets a gut feeling in which the same game will go UNDER.

His bookie is once more happy to help with trend analysis:

The total has gone UNDER in 6 of Detroit’s previous 8 games when playing at home versus Chicago.

The total score has gone UNDER in 6 of Chicago’s previous 8 games when playing on the road against Detroit.

Pleased that trends reinforce the under, Handicapper B also bets with confidence.

Both players increase their bet confidence after finding trends to support their bets. The sports-book these individuals both use has a larger commission off the juice because the trends enabled both handicappers to bet by having peace of mind.

Influenced trends could be extremely dangerous when handicapping. Trends could be your friend when analyzed properly, but all frequently statistics and trends prove erroneous.