NBA First Game Predictions: The Path to the NBA Championship

The path to the NBA Championship Starts Today, April 13 as the NBA Playoffs tip-off.

Phoenix Suns at Philadelphia 76ers

The first round of the postseason may not be one of the most enthralling to watch, but it still features fantastic NBA basketball action. Eight NBA first-round playoff games are on tap for the weekend. Here is a look at some of those significant games.

Saturday, April 13

Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers

The Brooklyn Net completed the season strongly while the Philadelphia 76ers struggled. In truth, the 76ers had qualified for the postseason long prior to their final game, so they took their feet off the gas.The teams participated in four times throughout the regular season splitting the games with two wins apiece. The 76ers should gleam from home in Game 1 as home court plays a huge part throughout the NBA Playoffs.

Pick: Philadelphia 76ers

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors

This is the moment in the season when the Golden State Warriors ability rises to the top. Yes, they are burning hot currently, but the playoffs are where the Warriors really shine.

Golden State might be in the final year of their empire. Klay Thompson might leave the Warriors and Kevin Durant is almost a certain thing to go. Where he lands nobody knows, but it is unlikely to be with LeBron James in LA. The Los Angeles Clippers are the eight seed. Is there really any chance for the Clippers? They are preparing a big offseason as they try to lure named free agents, but that won’t help them now. The Clippers will need to be at their absolute best and then some to defeat Golden State. Can they take a game or two? Sure, but not in Golden State. Golden State won three of four games against the Clippers in 2018-19.

Pick: Golden State Warriors

Sunday, April 14

Detriot Pistons vs. Milwaukee Bucks

The NBA’s greatest team during the course of the regular season, the Milwaukee Bucks, host the Detriot Pistons. The Bucks posted a fantastic 33-8 home record. The Pistons were 11 games under.500 throughout the regular season on the road. It is a significant mismatch. The Bucks won all four meetings with the Piston during the course of the regular season having somewhat trouble winning each. Giannis Antekounmpo is on course to win the NBA MVP honor. Provided that he goes on with his play from the regular season, the Bucks will win the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Pick: Milwaukee Bucks

Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics

I’m really torn on this series. Neither team is that great as Boston finished with just one more win than the Pacers did. Home court should play a big part. The Celtics were 28-13 at home while the Pacers were 19-22 on the road. Boston was one game over .500 on the road. The Pacers were 29-12 at home. However, Boston isn’t convincing and a bad night could see the Pacers advance. Game 1 will see a decent game from the Celtics as they pick up a win. From there, the Pacers could take over.

Pick: Boston Celtics

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